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Why Guns Should Be Banned in America: The Definitive Argument - Beazit Book

Why Guns Should Be Banned in America: The Definitive Argument - Beazit Book

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Why Guns Should Be Banned in America: The Definitive Argument - Beazit Book

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ISBN: 978-1-955-88201-9

Finally after years of arguing it's here, Why Guns Should Be Banned in America: The Definitive Argument! This masterpiece of a book is the definitive argument against the second amendment and the ownership of firearms. With stunning new takes on a centuries old debate, this book will have even the most devoted pro-second amendment believers begging for gun control.

  • Stunning Illustration -well the cover is nice.
  • Shocking Data and Statistics -sort of.
  • New revelations that will put an end to any pro-gun argument. -maybe.

You want to buy this book for your liberal Aunt. Give it to her during Thanksgiving and enjoy the show.





18-02-2023 15:59
So the title instantly got me in the beginning stages of an explosive rant. The same one my wife rolls her eyes over and has me using the “C” word a lot with “MF” in front when describing creepy Joe and the entire homosexual BATF clan. I’m still red in the face and huffing and puffing reading the first page but upon turning it I’m all of a sudden overcome with a euphoric wave of bliss through my groin area. Not sure why but yeah, the middle. One more “C” word describing Pelosi or the Feinstein poon with her wrinkled up super saggy pastrami flappy hanging beef curtains…. But I digress…. I simply put the book down, excused myself from the room and let loose the explosive diarrhea into the sink of the restaurant we were in just because, I felt happy in that moment. Free. BATF, you don’t make laws remember? You can’t ok because that’s not how America works…. I’d expect y’all to understand because you represent this federal government thing which is tasked with the supposed knowledge of understanding how things work here in America. Remember what Moses said? Excuse me, what Charleston Heston said? My buddy Mr Heston grumbled “FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS….!!!” Ring a bell? Didn’t think so but, WHAT HE SAID… Yup. For me and my family of law abiding, conservative, degree having tax paying, working 60+ hour weeks still in our mid 40’s contributing to the failing system you and your constituents are responsible for just trying to be happy , healthy human beings. That’s all. We just want to be happy and free. So, F off ok? You make everything worse for us lane abiding good humans. You oughta know this as well as what the F stands for! C words. The one that rhymes with “GUNT”. Yeah because y’all arbitrarily drafted BS is confusing and well, arbitrary. Go away. Leave us alone. Get a life find a woman or burrow down into the pool of poop you hatched from because we were fine before you and will be fine king after your completely abolished. Lying THEIFS with egos and god complexes who kill puppies because they are scary and dogs kill all the time. Fatal bites daily. The diarrhea I took earlier in the sink yeah eat it.
Kerry shaw
01-02-2023 06:25
Best book ever. Last time the cops were here he started laughing in the middle of asking me questions. I did not go to jail.
26-12-2021 02:08
I expected a parody book, but did not find it funny to spend hard-earned money I could not afford to waste on blank pages.

Response from FU: not sure how you missed that, we posted a video of the entire book being read right in the product description, it takes a couple minutes. In any case, send us an email so we can talk in private.
Marky Mark
29-08-2021 23:47
Complete and comprehensive. Glad this exists as a one stop shop for supporting this argument.
21-08-2021 20:53
Hands down, the greatest argument I've ever heard.
4.2 stars based on 5 reviews

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