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What better way to spice up your food than with a gun store's hot sauce? Yeah, that's what we thought too. You're welcome.

We're proud to announce we have our very own Firearms Unknown Hot Sauce. This is our mild version. We will have more information about the specifics of this hot sauce coming soon. With this hot sauce being mild, you can be sure your white privilege will stay intact. If you want to destroy your white privilege, get the hot version of our sauce here:

FU Hot Sauce (HOT)


"Hot sauce." -Hillary Clinton


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Dick Beatsit
16-06-2021 20:49
This hot sauce tastes so good it is probably illegal.
10-02-2021 22:45
first i was all, gun store selling hot sauce lol,
then i was all, holy shit this stuff is actually good.
Adam R.
03-02-2021 02:30
I am a bit of a hot sauce aficionado and discerning. This mild green sauce is excellent and I'll describe. First of all, the bottle I got was not actually mild in my estimate (which is a good thing). It is more in the class of medium spice when compared to mother sauces. The thing about this sauce that sets it apart from others is twofold. First, it has an excellent balance of spicy and sweet with the honey they add to it. Second, it is a perfect viscosity for sticking to foods and not just running into the plate; the texture is also indicate of a not-overly-processed sauce blended from real chiles. I'm a fan. I'm going to get some as gifts for all my gun buddies.
5 stars based on 3 reviews

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