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Are you sick of smelling like a woman? Sure, you could keep your strawberry perfumed balls ... Or you can have balls of brass. With Body Brass, your toxic masculinity score will increase by a factor of 10. You can get back to doing Man things, like starti

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Product description

This soap was made for us by Borden Acres in Pauma Valley. It is cold-process handcrafted. The major scents are Gun Powder, Whiskey, and Chopped Wood.

100% guaranteed to increase your toxic masculinity score to levels previously thought unimaginable. You will be able to mansplain, manspread, and impress many with your managed mannerisms.  If you were a bush, you would be a manzanita. If you were a bug, you would be a mantis. If you were a musician you would play the mandolin. If you were in Star Wars you would be the Mandalorian. One wash from this soap and you will manhandle any problems that manifest before you, you will instantly be able to manipulate manual transmissions, you'll be the man at the top of manorialism, and you will be a manufacturing mansion of mannish manliness. How many man words will you be able to say? Many. 


Saponified oils of olive oil, coconut oil, sustainable palm oil, avocado oil, and shea butter, fresh goat milk, water, fragrance, and mica.


03-09-2021 16:56
Love this soap. It looks cool, it smells great and it stands straight up in the soap dish. Very unique and lasts a long time.
Martin R
16-06-2021 21:10
You can not possibly get more of a manly man fragrance in a bar of soap. On par with Hoppes #9 IMO. Please make a Scentsy version so I can sneak it in the wife’s Scentsy and have it flowing through out the house!
"Miss Two Gun Bibi", & and Michael
15-05-2021 16:32
Well personally,
I'd like the scent of my dog, "Miss Two Gun Bibi"(Tm), and/or, "My BALLZ"(Tm).
Haaay ... That's 2 new fragrances.
ha ha haha haw!

Mantis Jones
06-04-2021 03:34
Used the soap once. The description isn’t a joke. I’m literally a mantis now.
Ball Washer
05-04-2021 15:18
I wash my balls often. Daily in fact. This is my favorite soap to wash my balls with. It leaves my boys silky and smooth, the way they should be.

Aside from the texture they now smell like man balls as opposed to balls that just left left a women's beauty supply shop.

If you like clean, manly balls, this is a product for you.
5 stars based on 5 reviews

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