Firearms Unknown Services


Firearms Unknown offers full service gunsmithing services.  Everything from wood work to machining services.  

John T. is our head gunsmith, having graduated from Colorado School of Trades he also has over ten years experience.   He stands out with his quality work.  

While John is located at our Yuma location his services are offered via all of our stores.  As a customer all you need to do is drop off your gun at one of our four California locations.   

The drawback is that moving products from San Diego to Yuma keep us from allowing expedited services.  Does this mean we will have your gun for a year?  No, it does not.   What this means is that if you are looking to have a repair done quickly within a 4 week turn around, you are probably better off taking your gun to another gunsmith.  

The turn around at our Yuma location is typically a few days to a week pending on when the gun was dropped off.  

Our rates are pretty simple.  $80/hr plus the parts.   

For estimates on how much a job will cost the gun will need to be left with us and we can call you with a rough estimate.   From there if you don't like our price, you can pick up your gun.   


Archery Services (Yuma Only)

We have a full time bow-tech at our Yuma retail location.   

As Yuma's only authorized Hoyt dealer we offer top notch high-end products and full set up and dial in services which are free when you buy your bow from us.   

Currently our bow-tech is in-store (Tues-Sat) with Sundays/Mondays off.

NOTE: The Yuma store is open on Sundays and Mondays. 


Cerakote Services

Certified Cerakote applicator John L. from Forsaken Arms has come on board to train our staff in the ways of Cerakote application.   

Our staff has taken on the project quite well and we offer a full line of Cerakote services.  

Pricing is on a case by case basis.  If you would like to bring your gun, knife or random for a Cerakote quote, please do!  We can coat just about anything!


Laser Engraving

We offer a wide array of laser engraving and etching services.  We have one 60-watt and two 20-watt fiber optic lasers.    As such, our laser engraving is limited to metal (Steel/Aluminum) products.   

It is common for us to laser firearms, knives, swords, machetes' and much more! 


Machining Services

We offer limited machining services.   Barrel threading, slide cutting etc.  

Pricing is on a case by case basis as our capabilities are limited by our machines. 


Sonic/Vibratory Cleaning

We offer sonic cleaning services.  Sonic cleaning is when an entire firearm is submerged in a special solution in a sonic cleaning unit.   Bathing the firearm in the special cleaning solution, vibrations from the machine and heat ensures a deeper cleaning and the firearm gets cleaned in places that a normal cleaning cannot reach.

Sonic Cleaning Cost

Cost can vary based on the amount of disassembly that is required.  

Most AR's and modern Firearms: $80

Most modern firearms and AR's that are not Firearms Unknown brand but purchased from Firearms Unknown: $40

Firearms Unknown brand rifles: Free (limited to once a year).

If additional fees are required due to extensive labor in the cleaning process, we will let you know and seek approval prior to conducting the work.