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The Three Little Pigs and the Wolf on the Road - Children's Book 1 Backorder
On Sale
The Three Little Pigs and the Wolf on the Road - Children's Book 1 Backorder

The Three Little Pigs and the Wolf on the Road - Children's Book 1 Backorder

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Are you sick of liberals propagandizing our kids into an emotion based hypocritical ideology? So are we. ISBN: 978-0-578-82653-0

Firearms Unknown
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We sold out of this book, we are expecting more to be available in about 4-8 weeks.

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We have sold out of our entire first production run, you can still backorder them. They are expected to be back in stock in July. We still have the signed version available if you do not want to wait. Link to that item is in the bottom of this description. Thank you all for the support and the interest in our first book.

ISBN: 978-0-578-82653-0

Are you sick of liberals propagandizing our kids into a hypocritical emotion based ideology? So are we.

This is a retelling of the well known children's tale, The Three Little Pigs. Whereas the original story taught a great lesson on the importance of hard work and perseverance, this version focuses on the more modern issue of political laziness. While it may seem to some that government and its attempted monopolization of violence is the answer to every ailment of society's soul, that sort of sophistry will lead you to smack your head straight against the brick wall of reality. 

The simple fact of the matter is:

1. The government will not be there to help you when it matters.

2. The people most generally affected by gun regulation are people who were not a threat anyway.

3. Violence, contrary to popular adage, does in fact solve problems. 

4. Social media activism is garbage. 

In The Three Little Pigs and the Wolf on the Road, our characters learn these simple truths the hard way.  

Warning, if you are trying to raise your child into a blubbering feminist cuck with purple highlights in their hair, this book is not for you.

This is the first book in a new series written by Dimitri Karras and illustrated by Michael Fuller, there will be many more to come.


Want a signed copy? We have them. Also, 100% of the proceeds for the signed version will be donated to the Firearms Policy Coalition, so you can help them fight the multitude of gun rights cases they are currently engaged in. Click here to get the signed version.


You can also watch it being read for free on YouTube:


Liberty Boi #463
13-06-2021 23:36
Great book! taught some kids about self defense, Woke up next morning to the crime rate in my city plummeting after a group of vigilante school children ended all crime by using self defense measures. 10/10
18-05-2021 15:21
Thank you so much for the video. If I could give more than 5 stars I would. I bought 2 signed copies that I’m waiting for. They will make excellent gifts and the donation to the FPC is just icing on the cake of truth that needs to be told. That first poor review says it all. “Everyone knows guns cause violence” like my AR is at home right now pissed off that I left the seat up a year ago and is going to shoot me when I walk in the door. What a dumbass.
Can’t wait for my book to arrive !!
13-05-2021 15:58
The reading of this book was frankly the BEST YouTube video I have watched in weeks. Am ordering several copies of this book as gifts :)
Filomena Von Snippicock (They \ Them \ It \ Unicorn \ Vegan Ham Sandwich on Tuesdays )
13-05-2021 00:18
This book is a travesty. It teaches nothing but hate hate hate. Everyone knows guns cause violence. Violence is wrong (except when perpetrated against whites or people of color with conservative values...because they are just white people with a various types of chocolate coatings). In this story the wolf is hungry and being deprived of his human rights by the selfish pigs. What other recourse does he have than to attempt to find food? He's a victim of a selfish capitalist society. But it's okay though because even though he's dead the wolf will still be able to vote Democrat.
11-05-2021 20:59
Didn't buy it but I saw the video and thought it deserved this.
Thomas I
05-05-2021 21:16
I shared this fine work of literature with my 3yr old son after reading it to him he paused and said "I think it's good the pig shot the wolf." So yes I'm happy with my purchase.
Donald T
27-02-2021 22:08
I thought this was cool at first. Read it to my son. The very next day, when I asked him to do his homework, he called me a statist and shot me in the head with a nerf dart. Sad.
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