Write Winger: The media’s fear of guns and liberty

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Write Winger: The media’s fear of guns and liberty

he fact is though, the vast majority of people don’t, whether whatever we have is registered with the government or not. Nor can banning or registering anything stop somebody intent on murdering people.

The media, who as a whole knows little to nothing about firearms or liberty for that matter, loves to do stories about the dangers and so-called “loopholes” of gun ownership, often using misleading information, sensationalizing non issues, or flat out lies about the topic to push their agenda.

Recently, a reporter from NBC 7 San Diego promised to do a “neutral” story about home built firearms that ended up leading with the “neutral” headline of “Unregistered and Untraceable: Homebuilt Guns in America Raise Concerns”.

You know what’s also unregistered and untraceable? Kitchen knives. Baseball bats and other blunt objects. Fists... well, we all have Social Security Numbers, so I guess we are registered and traceable.

So right off the bat we’re going into this story being led to believe we need to be concerned and frightened about homebuilt firearms. Then there’s the summary, “Dave Summers shares an investigation into homemade and unregistered guns, and their potential danger in mass shootings”. He tells the obligatory tragic story of a survivor of a mass shooting in which someone made their own gun to murder people.

Guess what, Dave? Any gun can be used by any murderer to “mass shoot”, whether it’s registered or not. That sex crazed virgin in Santa Barbara was the most California gun control compliant murderer - going through background checks, buying only handguns on the so-called “roster of safe handguns”, using only 10rd magazines, and to top it off... all his guns were registered. “Whose guns are these? Oh, they belong to the guy who just stabbed three people and shot three others to death. But at least the guns were registered!”

Had they not been registered, could you imagine how much more potentially dangerous he could have been? One thing’s for sure though... his knives weren’t registered, and he bought them without a background check.

But let’s continue with the neutral investigation. “Ghost Guns could be the next greatest threat to U.S. security”. Really? That’s not at all speculative or sensational.

I seem to remember ghost pressure cookers being used to blow people up in Boston, and ghost trucks being rented without a background check to mow down people in New York. If only they were all registered, none of that would have happened!

The ATF added their nonsense, stating, “That’s this industry’s dirty secret,” when discussing the liberty of people buying gun parts and then using machining skills to build a gun.

Why don’t you add that to our country’s founding principle of liberty... that liberty’s dirty little secret is that you can do whatever you want as long as you don’t hurt someone, but it doesn’t PREVENT you from hurting someone so we need the oppressive boot of government on the necks of everyone in the name of prevention. Land of the “free” has been replaced with “safety, security, and prevention... at any cost”.

The ATF continued: “If we have concerns about terrorist cells coming into this country; if we have concerns about aliens illegally entering this country with intent to cause havoc; how can we ignore something that is so obvious underneath our noses?” Maybe you should have thought of that before you trafficked guns for drug cartels. But honestly, they didn’t need to. Cartels can easily buy or make their own weapons without the ATF’s help. Yet still, the ATF’s credibility on this subject is... tainted at best.

To add insult to injury, and a perfect example of how easily the media plays loose with the facts without checking their information, the reporter refers to the business that’s the only pro-homebuild source in the story as “Guns Unknown”.

It’s Firearms Unknown. FU. Get it right.

The point of all this is... and this might be frightening to Dave (maybe a follow up investigative story should be done on it)... the only thing that keeps you from being murdered is a person’s desire to murder you. You can be shot with a registered or unregistered gun, you can be stabbed with an unregistered knife or blown up with an unregistered ghost pressure cooker bomb, you can be intentionally run over with a truck. Anyone has the ability to murder with anything including their bare hands.

The fact is though, the vast majority of people don’t, whether whatever we have is registered with the government or not. Nor can banning or registering anything stop somebody intent on murdering people. People being free to buy or make guns, own knives, use a pressure cooker, or drive a truck doesn’t exacerbate murder or make us less safe. The only thing that reduces any kind of crime is removing from society those who victimize.

Tens of millions of gun owners nationwide, hundreds of millions of firearms, hundreds of thousands of unregistered, unserialized, and unknown firearms in California alone - hell, an AK was infamously made from a shovel - this liberty isn’t the problem the media is trying to make it out to be.

Yet the unstoppable desire of the media to gin up concern and fear over people still having liberty continues on, and no amount of truth is going to change that narrative.


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