Pepper Spray Launcher More Than 50% OFF

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Pepper Spray Launcher More Than 50% OFF

Do you have adult children that are a mess?  Perhaps you have a crackhead in the family?  Well, boy, do we have the perfect product for you!

Have you had a crazy or unstable family members show up to your house and scare the bejeezus out of you?  Then, you go to grab your home defense gun and think to yourself “I really don’t want to have to shoot my adult child, but I need an effective method to defend myself without killing them”?

This product is for you; the Sabre home defense pepper ball gun is a full size pistol that shoots a paint ball type projectile that is full of capsicum and we are selling them at clearance price.   

With a MSRP of $349.99 we are selling this well below wholesale at $169.99 and only have a limited number of these in stock so make sure you come in and get yours.



  1. John Escalante John Escalante

    Hi I was recently given your shop name by a family member and was wondering if you guys carry an Kimber 1911 compact Ultra 11 9mm or 45 which I’m having trouble trying to find one so was just wondering if possible maybe to order on, if so please let me know as I’ve been trying to find. Thank you Sincerely John Escalante

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