Train with Firearms Unknown and Thunder Ranch in Yuma, AZ

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 Train with Firearms Unknown and Thunder Ranch in Yuma, AZ

Get out and train

Over the last two decades I have taken dozens of defensive firearms courses.  For most people, their ego is tied to their shooting skills and there are many sayings that make fun of this concept.  

I began my training journey after coming to the realization that while having been raised in a gun shop, I was not taught proper gun handling.  I analogize firearms training to an experience I had on a job site as a young man; I thought I knew how to use a hammer until I worked with a carpenter.  Both seem like simple tools and both are tools that most people do not use properly.

While training at the legendary Gunsite Academy, one of the instructors stated “Owning a piano doesn’t make you a musician”.  This is the same concept as my hammer analogy but it is a more obvious statement about the issue of people thinking that simply owning a gun gives them security.  It doesn’t.  It is simply the first step in the journey of self-preservation.  

That said, we are proud to announce that we are hosting the legendary Thunder Ranch in Yuma, AZ.

Defensive Pistol: Feb. 29 - Mar. 01, 2024
Urban Rifle:  March 3rd and 4th, 2024  

Having taken both of these classes at the Thunder Ranch facility in Oregon, I can attest to them being high quality trainings.

One of the upsides to taking these classes in Yuma instead of Oregon is that in Yuma you are going to save money.  We don’t require frangible ammunition and Firearms Unknown is offering discounted ammunition to students who take these courses (9mm & .223 only).

Another benefit is that these courses satisfy the prerequisites for the advanced classes being offered at the Thunder Ranch facility in Oregon.   

Whether you have decades of training under your belt or have never taken a class, I can’t recommend these courses enough.  

Give it a shot and I can assure you, you will have your mind blown. 


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