Thoughts on The United States and the Second Amendment

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Thoughts on The United States and the Second Amendment

The United States and the Second Amendment


Since before this country was a country, firearms were a staple to just about every household in the land. However, about 60 years ago, the children that were the progeny of the peace and tranquility that materialized out of the extreme violence of World War II decided that peace and love should be a part of the American culture. 


While peace and love are great, these baby boomers who grew up with firearms in their homes decided they didn’t need them. I believe this was the start of a culture shift that took guns out of schools and out of homes that otherwise would have had them. Yes, kids used to bring guns to school and stow them in their lockers. Many schools had marksmanship programs. 


Growing up in the 80s and 90s as the son of a man who owned a gun store, I heard one question when I told people my dad owned and operated a gun store, “Does he hunt?” The answer was simple, no. Then the facial expressions would show up.   


As a youngster, I wondered why people asked this question; as an adult, I know why. People think that guns are for hunting. The NRA has pushed this narrative for so long; guns are for the sporting man, which I believe has led to a cultural misunderstanding that the Second Amendment is to protect firearms ownership for the hunter or sportsman.  

This narrative is false. The founding fathers sought to keep guns in the hands of the citizens to control and stop the government from becoming tyrannical. This may seem obvious to those who understand history, but this concept has gone over many modern politicians’ heads.  


With the Supreme Court recently deciding the Bruen case, many anti-gun politicians have gone bonkers and made bizarre statements that indicate they clearly don’t understand how the government is structured. 

This is more troubling than their positions on given subjects. How did these folks get elected if they are ignorant of how the government works?


The decision in the Bruen case explained and codified what most of us already knew, there is a right to carry a firearm outside of the home, and the government has to overcome an extreme burden to pass Constitutionally compliant gun laws.  


This country has always been a sanctuary where its citizens can own and carry firearms, but overzealous politicians have recently placed unconstitutional restrictions on us in recent years. Bruen just confirmed that this was the case, and if folks don’t like the dangerous freedom that comes with the citizenry owning guns, plenty of countries like England and Japan have banned guns and will begrudgingly take them in.


I believe that the Bruen decision made most, if not all, California gun laws unconstitutional.   


However, as with all other states with unconstitutional gun laws, California will fight every step of the way to keep these laws or some variant of these laws on the books. 


Eventually, these unconstitutional laws will disappear, but they will only slowly go down one by one. 


With the decision in Bruen, we have seen CA governor Newscum publicly brag that he just signed a law that would allow citizens to sue firearms manufacturers for the illegal use of their guns. At the pinnacle of human performance, Michael Moore announced that he drafted a proposed 28th Amendment to the constitution that would effectively make guns illegal.  

Much of this is overreacting to something these folks don’t like and will likely dissipate with time. 


For us pro-gun advocates, we have a new line in the sand. This line will help things get back to normal and, God willing, bring us back to a place where we can order machine guns through the mail.  




  1. Munnster Munnster

    It is amazing that the politicians who want to restrict the right to bear arms are either that ignorant or that evil. Stupidity isn't a crime, but since most politicians are attorneys, you can assume that they are that evil and are actually treasonous and should be held accountable for being such.

  2. Lynn Warmack Lynn Warmack

    Well spoken Sir!! If we want to keep our 2nd rights, we're going to have to fight the radical left at every turn!!

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