Firearms Unknown Introduces New Gunsmith Program

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Firearms Unknown Introduces New Gunsmith Program

   After having a gun store for over a decade I have encountered numerous people who mis-use the term “Gunsmith”.  Most often people refer to their gunsmith friend or gunsmith uncle. Then when I start asking questions it turns out their gunsmith friend or gunsmith uncle built a couple AR’s and now calls themselves gunsmiths. Unfortunately, building AR’s does not classify a person as being a gunsmith. Having grown up in a gun store I realized early on that a gunsmith is a student of nuance and master craftsman.

   A gunsmith can manufacture a stock from a block of wood and a barrel from bar stock. A gunsmith is a person that has formal training from a reputable school while also have experience of working as a gunsmith. A gunsmith is a machinist and a woodworker, they have tools to work on metal and wood and most importantly they know how to use their tools.

     I have attended armorer’s courses, I have built thousands of AR upper and lower receivers, I have test fired over ten thousand upper receivers yet I am not a gunsmith. At best, I am an armorer who’s specialty lie with AR’s and Glocks.

     The two most reputable gunsmithing programs in the country are at Lassen Community College in northern California and the Colorado School of trades in Lakewood Colorado. Both schools have a long standing history of producing quality gunsmiths.

     The main problem with gunsmiths is that there really are not many around these days. The firearms industry has gone the way of the automotive industry and that guns are more or less disposable now. In that, most guns aren’t worth fixing. For example, if you have a .22 rifle that is busted and will cost $250 to repair, will you repair it? Or will you buy a brand new .22 rifle for $199.99?

    This has caused people to steer away from the career of gunsmithing and as time progresses many of the skills that have been passed down for decades will be lost because there are not folks willing to carry the torch. Since this is the cases it has been very difficult to find someone willing to come work for us that is deserving of the title “Firearms Unknown Gunsmith”. While difficult, it has not been impossible and we are proud to announce that we have recently hired John T. who is a graduate of the Colorado School of Trades and has over ten years of gunsmithing experience under his belt.

   Our gunsmith program is based out of our Yuma location but we can take in guns at all of our locations for gunsmithing work, because of the travel time involved the turn-around can be a few weeks or longer but we have had success with this program so far.

   So if you are in the San Diego, Orange County or Yuma areas please feel free to stop by and ask about our gunsmithing program.

   Perhaps we can help with your project!


  1. Cdubb Cdubb

    Does this guy understand something I am not understanding cuz from what I got out of this is that u guys were able to secure an authentic gun smith from Colorado now located in Arizona and we can work on any custom shit we have been dreaming of as a result obviously we have to take into account travel time and expenses if we're not located in Arizona if I'm not seeing the "course" or if I'm not understanding the info please let me know thanks

  2. Kyle Jennings Kyle Jennings

    This is the greatest thing since sliced bread. The same goes for nearly all tradesmen in the modern world. It's designed to eliminate skills so to dominate all men. I'm soon coming into a large fortune and would love to possibly take your course and discuss backing you to put more schools in other states. America is and has been on the brink of extinction for decades and the time is nearly here that we all dread but know is inevitable. I'm in Texas and would like to know more abut the apprenticeship and length of time involved as I would have to temporarily relocate to take the course. Thank you

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