The new .380acp Glock is here: The G28

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The new .380acp Glock is here: The G28

As a Glock fanboy, I, at one point, wished to own every Glock ever made - including the ever-elusive Glock .380 pistol.    

You see, in the early 2000’s the only Glock manufactured in .380 wasn’t available in America.  Every Glock guy wanted one, but they were unobtainable.    

Then, some years ago, Glock released the G42.  A .380 Glock, but not the one everyone wanted.  The G42 is a micro pistol, a semi-auto single stack that serves as a pocket or micro pistol but is very similar to the other .380’s on the market due to them being small and light. 

Where the old European .380 Glock’s were full size (G17 size) .380’s, the new G28 is a subcompact that utilizes the same frame as a G26/G27.  Most of you are probably asking, “Why would anyone want a full size .380 when the same gun can be manufactured in 9mm Luger (9x19mm)?”.  If you are asking this and don’t know the answer, here it is …. Recoil Management.   

That’s right! A compact to full size gun chambered in .380 (9x17mm) is easier to manage, especially for people that are inexperienced or have weak or injured wrists.  The added weight of the larger gun helps the shooter with follow-up shots, accuracy, and reliability (reduction of limp wrist issues).  

A .380 in a small micro semi-auto still has a significant amount of recoil for most people and putting the .380 caliber in a larger framed gun with more weight can make shooting a more enjoyable experience for the shooter.   

With that said, Glock just quietly came out with the G28 (Glock, Model 28).  While not a G17 nor G19 sized gun, it is a double stack frame with a heavier slide and wider grip profile.  It comes with two standard ten round magazines.  With the +2-grip extension the gun has a 12+1 magazine capacity (double the G42) and a side profile similar to the G42.   

With the added weight there is less felt recoil than the G42 and easier handling than the G42.   

As a Glock owner, I can say with confidence that the G28 is a must have for every Glock enthusiast and/or shooter that is looking for a more manageable CCW gun. 

Luckily, we have one currently available at our Yuma retail location. At a minimum, come on in and check it out.  We promise you it’ll be totally worth your time! 


  1. Steve Garrett Steve Garrett

    I've always been told the.380 doesn't have enough stopping power I say there wrong! There's not a hole lot of difference compared to the 9mm.

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