STEM students create dumbest smart gun ever

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STEM students create dumbest smart gun ever

If this was brought on Shark Tank, I at least have a glimmer of hope that Mr. Wonderful would tell them to take this Secure Gun behind a barn and put it out of its misery.

I was first introduced to the term “intellectual moron” a bunch of years ago, used to describe those in academia with no real world experience who are so blinded by their ideology and indoctrination that they cannot see passed the greatness of their own mind.

I believe there should be an Intellectual Moron Award given out to those most deserving, and there’s a group of students in a high school STEM program that I’d like to nominate.

This group is part of DiscoverSTEM, a program that finds the impressionable smart kids and destroys their critical thinking abilities, then directs them in identifying “social justice” problems and finding ways to fix them in politically correct ways. I may have embellished a little, but not by much given their results.

Students Rayyan Punjani, Hanzala Rehan, Hawwa Shahid, Salwa Shahid, Faaiz Nadeem, Amina Syeda, Nabeeha Qazi, Areeba Qazi, Hanin Shakeel and Mohammad Amaan Jaffar of Plano West High school and Liberty High School (liberty, that’s fitting) in Texas wanted to “do something” about school shootings, so they created the “Secure Gun”, a so-called “smart gun” that will “prevent mass shootings”.

As reported by NBC-DFW 5, a camera on the front of the gun uses artificial intelligence to detect if it’s pointed at a person, crowd, animal, or target. If aimed at a person or crowd, the gun limits the amount of times you can pull the trigger. It’s also equipped with a GPS and geo-fencing technology, so it can’t be fired in public places, like schools or churches. They say the technology would be built into new guns and a version would be made to be retrofitted onto existing guns.

“You still are allowed to do one bullet every 20 seconds so you still are allowed to use self-defense so it’s still going to work,” said Shahid. Well, thank you for that brilliant and well reasoned take on armed self defense.

And wouldn’t you know it, per NBC-DFW 5, the Secure Gun placed in the top five at a competition with innovations from 45 countries, which is obvious because there is no more impenetrable bubble than science with a political agenda.

This is the STEM equivalent of the people that try out for American Idol who were told their whole lives by everyone around them that they were amazing singers, yet instead of Simon Cowell fisting them with a dose of reality, you’d have the judges writhing in coitus to every pitchy screech. The amount of mental circle jerking that must go on in this high school STEM program or competition would make NAMBLA blush.

While it’s really easy and fun to laugh these intellectual morons off, and I will, it honestly does take a certain amount of brain power to add AI and GPS to a gun. I’d like to instead point out the fallacy of their Secure Gun, and hopefully a spark a flicker of critical thinking into their skulls full of mush that their STEM teachers never did.

There are somewhere around 350 million firearms privately owned in the United States. I don’t know how many of those are bolt action rifles, semiautomatic rifles, automatic rifles, pump action shotguns, semiautomatic shotguns, single action revolvers, double action revolvers, single shot pistols, semiautomatic pistols, automatic pistols, title 1 others, nor how many different makes or models there are for any of these categories, and neither do these kids. Every owner of each of these 350 million firearms bought them for a specific purpose, and 100% of these people didn’t buy them to limit themselves to one round every 20 seconds. They want their firearm to go bang when they want or need to pull the trigger, and this product doesn’t allow them to do that. And, if the technology can be added, it can be taken off (but not to worry, because it’ll send a message to authorities if tampered with!).

Also, their product is likely astronomical in cost for the technology alone for the single gun they’re making, let alone producing a retrofit for every make and model of firearm that exists. It is literally an impossibility to create this retrofit fantasy.

In a free market, they would sell tens of these, to the very people who are pushing them to create it, who don’t own firearms anyway. Nobody else is going to buy it because nobody wants it, and even if they did (which they don’t) they could never produce it for the number of different firearms on the market. That leaves 350 million firearms in circulation without this “Secure” technology.

Now let’s say they buck the free market and are able to get politicians to ban any future gun from being sold without this technology (like CA did with their non existent “micro stamping” requirement) or require all guns currently owned to be retrofitted with their technology that can’t exist to that scale... still, nobody is going to buy this gun, and nobody is going to retrofit it to their 350 million existing guns, because that’s not how American gun owners operate - we give the government the finger. Maybe they should spend some time with us to learn something about the product and consumer space instead of their politically-driven STEM teachers.

But most certainly, no mass shooter is going to go out and buy this gun or retrofit a gun they already own, because there are 350 million other options out there. Killers intent on murdering as many people as they can before they suck start their gun don’t care about laws or this stupid smart gun; the only thing that has ever stopped an active killer is someone else putting as many rounds into the killer’s chest and face as they can, as fast as they can pull the trigger - something this gun doesn’t do.

If this was brought on Shark Tank, I at least have a glimmer of hope that Mr. Wonderful would tell them to take this Secure Gun behind a barn and put it out of its misery.

Stop wasting your lives and your obvious talents on a politically-driven garbage product. You want to “do something”, do something else, like requiring all pressure cookers to be made or retrofitted with AI and GPS to not explode in crowded places in the name of Allah.


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