Open letter to virtue signaling gun grabber

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Open letter to virtue signaling gun grabber

Open letter to virtue signaling gun grabber

This is an open letter to Steve Hemmert who posted the following to social media:

With some hesitation born of nostalgia, I turned in two AR style rifles to the Miami Police Department as part of their gun buy-back program today.

As a former U.S. Army Infantry officer, I was well trained in the use of, and felt very comfortable with, the M-16/M-4 platform. I have always considered myself a responsible gun owner. My 14 year old daughter and I built one of the ARs- from scratch- together.

But after the events of last month, I have decided enough is enough.

How can we, as parents, force our kids to live in a world where they have to be afraid of being killed at school?

My daughter recently told me that her plan is to only wear sneakers to school from now on, in case she needs to run. And I realize that, unlike some of my neighbors, I am lucky to still HAVE a 14 year old daughter.

Enough is enough.

There is no valid need for any civilian to own an AR. They make terrible self defense weapons because they can't safely be stored in a condition that makes them available to use quickly, and the rounds penetrate walls too easily. They aren't hunting rifles (it's not even legal to shoot a deer with one). I know very well that my little AR is never going to be used to stand up to a government that has tanks and heavy machine guns. And God forbid someone steals them and uses them to kill more innocents.

Any honest gun owner will admit that the only lawful reason to own an AR is because they are fun to shoot (and they ARE fun to shoot).

But my desire- and the desire of all the other AR owners out there- to have fun toys no longer outweighs the value of the 17 lives that were taken down the street last month. Or the lives of countless other people whose lives have been taken by these toys- these weapons of war.

So, I am done.

The gun industry of today is just like the cigarette industry of a few years ago. Pushing a dangerous product that has no benefit to society. It took a long time for us to stand up to the cigarette industry and call out their lies and their political influence. But now it is a dying industry. We can do the same thing with the gun industry.

I will no longer be a pawn for their profits.

Now that I have eliminated the hypocrisy of these guns from my house, I feel comfortable calling on our government to ban them. We need the same legislation that has been so effective in Australia. Outlaw the manufacture and sale of semiautomatic centerfire firearms with removable magazines and require the legal owners of those firearms to turn them in for compensation with a year. Provide amnesty during that same year for illegal owners of those guns to turn them in. Then make it a 10-20-life offense to be caught with one.

It may not get all of these guns out of the public's hands. But it will make it a hell of a lot harder for a deranged 19 year old to get his hands on one.

I want to be part of the solution. #neveragain

First, Steve, I won’t admonish you for making the personal decision to get rid of your ARs. It’s a free country, at least it’s supposed to be, and even if I disagree with your decision and reasons behind it, it’s your decision to make and frankly it’s none of my business.

Then you went full tyranny, and for that I have no patience.

You told the world why you gave up yours, now I will tell you why I have mine. You, Steve. I own an AR15 because of you.

You may have voluntarily given up your weapons to the government, and now you feel like you have the moral authority to force others at the point of a government’s gun to do the same. And that IS what you propose.

I have done nothing except own an AR15. I have committed no crime that has any victim. And you first want to deprive me of my liberty to manufacture, buy, sell, or transfer one, then you want to deprive me of my property by forcibly compelling me to turn in the one(s) I own. If I don’t comply, you want the big, powerful, and well armed government to kidnap me and throw me in prison for 10-20-life. And if I refuse to allow them to kidnap me, you approve of them murdering me.

This is how your laws would be enforced against your fellow innocent Americans, Steve. You wouldn’t just be violating our right to keep and bear arms, but our right to not be deprived of our life, liberty, or property without due process.

You, a former US Army Infantry Officer, who took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign or domestic, are now advocating to use government violence against millions of innocent people who have done nothing except own a gun that you don’t want them to own. You, who “fought for our freedoms back at home” only to now call for the destruction of those freedoms. You are the very definition of an oathbreaker.

It’s obvious you don’t care about the Constitution, so neither will I. Austin Petersen recently said, “You would have a right to bear arms even if the Constitution didn't say you did.” I do not have rights because of the Constitution; my preexisting rights are supposed to be protected by the Constitution, not granted by it.

But the Constitution is merely a restraining order against government and you, Steve. We all know a restraining order is just a piece of paper.

Let me put it another way: the Second Amendment prevents the government from infringing on the right to keep and bear arms like a “gun free zone” sign keeps a school shooter away. Hate to say it, but the whole Constitution is nothing more than a “gun free zone” sign for government. It only stops people who aren’t inclined to violate it.

I don’t own an AR15 because it’s fun to shoot, or for target practice, or to hunt, or for home defense. It stays in my safe, well lubricated, with magazines loaded.

And it waits, Steve. It waits for you and the government to violate my useless restraining order. You, the hordes of people like you, and the people you all vote for, represent every reason why I own an AR15. You want to empower the government to take what I have, and kidnap or murder me if I say no. You are tyranny.

I don’t know how many other members of the military or police think like you, Steve, but I do know how many politicians do. They have no problem issuing laws, decrees, and orders to be followed against innocent Americans that they as politicians don’t have to enforce. But I fear how many members of the military and police like you will follow those orders.

If what you propose is ever instituted though, I ask only one thing of you, Steve. I want you to have as much courage as it took for you to turn in your AR15 to be the one to come and take mine.


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