No, we were not raided by the ATF over Polymer80 products.

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No, we were not raided by the ATF over Polymer80 products.

The ATF decided to raid Polymer80 and several others...

We are aware of the ATF raid against Polymer80 and others. We have never carried the Polymer80 complete gun building kit in question. Additionally, we do not sell complete firearm building kits that have everything included.

The ATF loves to flip flop on their rulings and decisions and it appears as if they don't consider raids to be inherently hostile and instead feel that its the equivalent of stopping by to say hello. So in this instance, they make a split second decision and then instead of simply calling and saying, "Hey guys, we changed our mind," they set up a raid and tipped off CNN about what they were doing. Everything has to be a reality TV show with these knuckle-draggers. 

The raid was most likely a response to the recent "friendly lawsuit" filed by gun control advocates against the ATF trying to get them to classify certain products as firearms under the GCA.

Let me explain what exactly a "friendly lawsuit" is. Essentially, two parties who don't actually have a disagreement and both want the same thing, end up in court as "adversaries." This allows them to get a favorable ruling and set precedent on a particular issue without having to have an actual contentious party ruining all the fun with an opposing view point that is actually intended to win. That is exactly what was attempted.

The ATF is a never ending shit show that probably needed to be disbanded before they were ever banded in the first place.


  1. Dr. Common Sense Dr. Common Sense

    I bought a shirt there about the tree of liberty needing some blood to grow. Am I going to get my closet raided by the fashion police? I sure hope not. My bong is in there.

    When are they going to make it illegal to own gold again?

  2. gonna pee my pants gonna pee my pants

    what about california doj coming for your records to get who you sold p80 paperweights to ? ? can you burn all that please?

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