Navigating the new CA disarmageddon laws

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Navigating the new CA disarmageddon laws

If they don’t get it done one year, they’ll do it the next.

Over the weekend, Newscum finally got to sign a bunch of gun related bills that kept failing to go through in previous years. One thing is always for certain, relentless tyrants are relentless. If they don’t get it done one year, they’ll do it the next. 

So what do you really need to know going forward? 
There were multiple laws pertaining to “gun violence restraining orders”. Whereas before, only a family member or a member of law enforcement could petition for one. Starting September 1, 2020, that is now being extended to an employer, a coworker who has substantial and regular interactions with the person and approval of their employer, or an employee or teacher of a secondary or postsecondary school, with approval of a school administrator or a school administration staff member with a supervisorial role, that the person has attended in the last 6 months. These orders can now last as long as 5 years.
In other words, red flags are going to be the new doxxing, especially if you’re known (or even unknown) to have firearms and have a political disagreement with someone who believes you’re advocating violence against an oppressed group by not using the preferred pronoun at your woke capital employer or Bolshevik run college.
They finally got another gun rationing bill through. For the longest time, free citizens were allowed by the CA government to buy one handgun a month. Now, starting July 1, 2021, it includes one semiautomatic centerfire rifle per month. It didn’t say anything about stripped lower receivers, so we’ll see how that plays out. Nothing about other types of long guns, bolt action, shot guns, etc.
Beginning July 1, 2024, if a business wants to sell 80% receivers, they must get a license to be a “firearms percursor parts” vendor, and buying 80s will be the same as buying ammo, where you go through a background check and a record of the sale is kept in a state registry with your name, address, and phone number (which reminds me, there’s some new names that need to be added to my Tyrant Registry). It’ll be a misdemeanor crime to give, sell, transfer, or import into CA an 80 without going through a licensed vendor.
If you want to get permission to carry a concealed firearm (as you have no other option to exercise your right to bear arms legally), the price to apply for the permit was limited to $100 for processing fees. That cap has been removed, so the sheriff’s office can now charge whatever they want. It’s not like they needed a reason to not allow you permission, as we are a may issue state. But this is just another way to price you out of the market, or make it hurt just a little more to protect yourself and your loved ones in public, lawfully.
A couple other new laws allocate tax dollars as slush fund grants to their favorite political groups and non profits, and fund research and propaganda against gun ownership... what else is new.
And there’s no longer going to be gun shows at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in San Diego. Oh well.
In other words, just another year in California. How’s your boogaloo plans going?


  1. Brian Brian

    Soooo I have until 2024 to get my builds finished. That may be an issue cuz Im hooked,,str8 addicted. I have a bad habit of winding up with few extra parts, oops hunni cant let em go to waste right? What are the chances of anything purchased pre-2024 being god fatherd?

  2. Dirtysanchez Dirtysanchez

    Looks like you all need to move home base somewhere in your gun friendly neighbors state. It would be nice to see you all based in Phx. No beaches here, but you don't have to worry about running afoul of the law on a state level.

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