I support the voluntary “Do Not Sell” list... for Democrats

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I support the voluntary “Do Not Sell” list... for Democrats

Now, California Democrat Assembly Member Rob Bonta has introduced a bill, AB 1927, that would allow a person to voluntarily add their name to a “California Do Not Sell List”

When satire becomes reality, you know you’re onto something special.

I half joked in a previous article that Form 4473 should include a line "Are you a registered Democrat, or support gun control?" and a yes answer should prohibit you from being able to buy a gun. The capacity for political violence from progressive liberal Democrats has reached a fevered pitch in the last year, culminating with attacks on college campuses, assaults at political rallies, riots in cities, and an attempted mass political assassination of congressional Republicans by a progressive liberal Democrat, a party and political ideology that wants access to firearms limited or eliminated which should in turn make them forfeit their right to a gun.

Now, California Democrat Assembly Member Rob Bonta has introduced a bill, AB 1927, that would allow a person to voluntarily add their name to a “California Do Not Sell List” - a registry connected to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System that would prohibit the transfer of a firearm to someone who adds themselves to the registry.

I have to hand it to Bonta; typically elected Democrats like to make things mandatory and compulsory, threatening arrest, prosecution, and imprisonment for noncompliance. To have a bill that allows people to voluntarily do something is a bit of an anomaly. But I don’t give him too much credit; he still wants to throw anyone in jail who transfers a firearm to someone on the list.

Since I originally floated a similar idea, I’m going to break with my fellow gun rights brethren and offer my complete and total support for this bill - not because I think its proponents’ reasons are valid (that it will give “clear thinking” suicidal people a way to keep themselves from buying guns, which is oxymoronically absurd) or that it won’t be fraught with abuse or false positives, but because progressive liberal Democrats should be the first ones to sign up for it.

Progressive liberal Democrats deep down know that they’re unstable, lack self control, and have no respect for others’ right to life, liberty, or property. Their desire to restrict or ban firearms comes from a place of projection, that because they can’t handle the responsibility of firearms, nobody else can either.

They believe that “everyone is a law abiding citizen until they aren’t” to justify banning or restricting access to firearms because they know that they themselves can’t be trusted to not use firearms against others or themselves in a fit of rage or depression.

When you look at gun grabbers from that point of view, everything they do regarding guns makes sense.

I vividly remember a conversation I had with a progressive liberal Democrat about this very subject. When I asked why he wouldn’t own a gun, he admitted, “if my wife and I were having an argument, I might pick it up and shoot her.” Who the hell would say something like that? And I’ve come to realize, they say it all the time if you listen, and they believe it.

Let’s be honest here... these are the same unhinged people who get “triggered” and violently attack others for what they call microaggressions, such as not using their preferred pronoun, not groveling or paying restitution for your unchecked privilege, or for simply having an opinion that differs from them. They’re insane.

The only thing that has likely prevented these melting snowflakes from killing people with guns is ironically their political hatred of guns. They’re anti-gun, they don’t believe people should have guns, they think guns are dangerous and people (like themselves) are too dangerous, irresponsible, and unpredictable to own guns, so they don’t own them. But they’ll still use clubs, Molotov cocktails, broken glass bottles, pepper spray, and so forth when they want to get violent.

It’s time progressive liberal Democrats put their own money where their mouth is (instead of someone else’s money). Get them to bar themselves from owning guns before they realize they can use guns on people they don’t agree with. It will guarantee progressive liberal Democrats on the list can’t go on a sudden rampage.

I believe everyone has the fundamental right to keep and bear arms, but if you believe you’re not responsible enough or are too unstable to own a gun, I don’t want you owning one either, and I’m not going to go out of my way to convince you otherwise.

So yes, I’m all for this bill. I think this is the kind of common sense and common ground we’ve been looking for. I may just make an appearance at the Public Safety Committee and sit down right next to the Bradys, Everytown, and MILFs Demanding Anal, and offer my support of getting as many anti-gunners to add their names to this new registry as possible, starting with the members of those anti-gun groups and the legislators who vote in favor of it, using their own arguments on why they “believe in the Second Amendment” but guns are too dangerous to own and people like them are too dangerous to own them. They can even brag to all their friends that they’re so progressive, they banned themselves from owning guns. Might even be a requirement for CA politicians to be on the list to earn an A-rating from the Brady Bunch.

And if it passes and gets signed into law, I vow to set up booths anywhere progressive liberal Democrats gather and assist them in their quest to prevent gun violence by making sure they add their names to the registry. I’ll definitely hit up college campuses where this unhinged violent totalitarianism is simmering and get them while they’re young, before they can buy their first gun. I’ll stand outside Whole Foods, Sprouts, and Trader Joe’s and get every enlightened, non bacon eating, hijab wearing feminist to make an empowering stand against the ultimate phallic symbol of toxic masculinity and Trump supporters before they completely snap.

This can be the greatest tool ever used to prevent liberal gun violence. Volunteered prevention. A promise to never buy or use a gun, and a hoop-jumping insurance policy in case they change their mind.

But why stop with just voluntarily giving up one right? They could always voluntarily deny themselves the right to vote. Or how about a bill called the “I have nothing to hide Act” where they voluntarily agree to unreasonable search and seizure, self incrimination, and denial of due process?

These people are brilliant.


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