Homemade firearm builders belong in jail

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Homemade firearm builders belong in jail

It doesn't take a genius to know politicians in Sacramento are hostile to gun rights. They claim "nobody's gonna come take your guns"

It doesn't take a genius to know politicians in Sacramento are hostile to gun rights. They claim "nobody's gonna come take your guns", then ban them and require the ones you own to be registered with the State. THEN in 2013 they tried to remove the "grandfathering clause" that allows you to keep your banned guns that are now registered (legalese for "confiscation").

So is it any wonder why hundreds of thousands of California gun owners turned to homebuilds? Besides being a legal avenue to owning an AR or AK pistol in CA, there is one overall fundamental sentiment regarding homebuilds - you can't come take what you can't find.

In 2016, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law AB857. It's similar to a bill he vetoed in 2015 called SB808, in which he stated upon vetoing it, “I appreciate the author’s concerns about gun violence, but I can’t see how adding a serial number to a homemade gun would significantly advance public safety.” We agreed wholeheartedly at the time. But given his senility, a year later he likely had a lapse in memory.

AB857 requires you to obtain a serial number for your homebuild, register it, then bans you from ever selling or transferring it to anyone (including your children when you die), however it CAN be transferred to the state government where it will be destroyed. Starting July 1, 2018, you'll need to request permission from the state government to build your own firearm, and get a unique serial number which you will need to add to your homebuild within 10 days of building it.

Also, you will have between July 1 and December 31 of 2018 to apply to the CA DOJ for a unique serial number to add to any unmarked firearm or homebuild you own.

To this, Californian homebuilders say... "What homebuilds?" Complying with AB857 violates the entire principle of homebuilds. Hundreds of thousands of you didn't go through the time and effort teaching yourselves how to become amateur machinists while giving Sacramento the finger just to put yourselves on a State list now. EXPECT a 0% compliance rate, much like turning in your +10rd magazines by July 1, 2017.

Showing themselves to be the tyrants that they are, if any of you hundreds of thousands of homebuilders, who have never committed any crime nor used your guns against anyone, are found with your homebuilds unserialized and unregistered, their punishment for disobeying and noncompliance is fines and/or jail.

If you're found with a handgun that isn't marked pursuant to CA law as of January 1, 2019, you'll be fined up to $1000 or jailed for up to 1 year, or both. If it's any other gun, it'll be up to a $1000 fine or up to 6 months in jail, or both. Each gun that is unmarked will be a separate offense.

The politicians behind AB857 created the proliferation of homebuilders in the first place. You wouldn't exist in the numbers seen today were it not for their appetite for your rights. Read the law for yourself and make your own opinions and conclusions. It will still be legal to buy, sell, and possess 80% receivers and rifle or pistol kits after these deadlines, but what you do after the fact is up to you.

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