Count the days until you're a criminal

Count the days until you're a criminal

you may or may not have been in violation of a local ordinance which was unbeknownst to you for the last 14 years...

As California gun owners, it behooves us to know if or when we're going to be breaking the law, just so we are at least informed enough to make that conscious decision. You're probably knowingly or unknowingly breaking one right now; I may or may not have been in violation of a local ordinance which was unbeknownst to me for the last 14 years as I carried a folding pocket knife with a 3-1/4" blade everyday that was 1/4" longer than the legal limit. I also might use my drip system to water my hedges on days I've been forbidden, but don't tell anybody.

As a public service, I'll do my best to lay out the timeline and restrictions for all the Gunmageddon laws passed in 2016.

For all of you gun AND boating enthusiasts who seem to be the worst sailors ever given the amount of tragic boating accidents I've heard about recently, I'd suggest not shooting and sailing at the same time anymore. First, you're likely to lose your gun, because everyone loses their gun while sailing. Statistical fact. Second, if you tell this to an officer, you will be charged with a crime, a misdemeanor, but this particular misdemeanor will lose you your gun rights for 10 years. This went into effect January 1, 2017. Keep those guns ashore, and if you're ever talking to the police and it involves a lost or stolen or "what" gun... you still have the right to remain silent.

Another law that went into effect at the beginning of this year is you can't loan anyone who isn't your immediate family member a gun unless you're sitting in their lap at the range (which can be fun), or you basically go through the same process of selling/transferring it to them at the local gun store. Frightened female friend who has a stalker? You could have loaned her your firearm for the lawful purpose of self defense for a short period of time, that is until last December 31, 2016. Now she can't defend herself for at least 10 days, but that does give you the chance to be her knight in shiny frog lube who sleeps on her couch.

The biggy which most of us are already aware: can't buy a rifle or pistol with a magazine lock anymore, and the ones you own need to either be registered as assault weapons, converted to featureless, or equipped with the ability to open the action to remove the mag by December 31, 2017. For those who are thinking of registering, first... don't. Second, there's no way to do it yet (as of the end of April). Isn't that convenient?

On July 1, 2017 it will become unlawful for you to possess magazines that hold over 10 rounds. To which I say... what magazines? They're "unregistered, unserialized, and unknown", like your rifles should be. But it is a crime now. SB1446 made it merely an infraction to own one, like getting a ticket, but Prop 63 made it an actual crime, a misdemeanor with punishments up to 1 year in jail for each offense.

Also commencing July 1, 2017, if you're a victim of a burglary and your firearm is stolen, or lost, and you don't report the theft of your firearm fast enough (5 days), you will be victimized again but this time it'll be by the State. And if 5 days do go by and you haven't reported it yet, how likely are you going to report it now if the State is going to punish you for doing so? And won't this hesitation keep more stolen or lost guns "on the street?"

If you want to know when the next great ammo shortage and buying frenzy will be, and the beginning of the Brass Road to Nevada and Arizona every weekend, as of January 1, 2018 you'll need to buy your ammo through a licensed ammunition vendor. And if you want to import ammo into the state, it has to be first sent to this licensed ammunition vendor. It isn't until July 1, 2019 that you'll be considered guilty until you pay the government to prove you're innocent to get permission to have the "liberty" to buy ammo... otherwise known as the ammo background check. I see reloading becoming the new 80% craze, until all reloading machines will have to be bought after obtaining a license and background check, and getting a permit to buy gunpowder (gotta close that loophole known as liberty).

Then there's July 1, 2018, the day you need State permission before making a firearm. What firearms? Oops, just lied about guns to an investigator, 10 year ban on guns.

And as of December 31, 2018, this will be the last day you can put a serial number on your unmarked firearm possessed after July 1, 2018... again, what firearms?

And all these have any number of penalties ranging from misdemeanors to felonies. Especially the "possessing or manufacturing unmarked firearms". There's a lot of vagueness to this one, so stay tuned. The basic premise though is the State doesn't want you owning or manufacturing a firearm at home without permission or without them knowing you own it, but as you know, we find liberty in the law whenever and wherever we can. More on this in a future article.

Not that you care, but now you know.

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