California gun owners need a wake up call

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California gun owners need a wake up call

We are currently in a political war with the state, a war in which their side gets to legally take political prisoners and inflict violence on the other, while our side legally only gets to ask the state if the state is overreaching.

If anyone knows more about how what you write online can cause you problems it's me, so I hope you take critical things I write about us here as constructive criticism and not calling out others or pointing fingers or creating division. I've made the same mistakes I feel others continue to make, so when I say "we screwed up" I'm equally referring to myself. I'm just as guilty. But I care about what happens to us all; we're in this together. It's not a contradiction to say I support speaking freely AND speaking tactfully. To quote the head janitor at our favorite forum, "The problem is that it is a double edged sword. Too open and we arm the opponent, too closed and we stifle both the exchange of ideas and free flow of communication." And, I might add, what you say can and will be used against you.

We are currently in a political war with the state, a war in which their side gets to legally take political prisoners and inflict violence on the other, while our side legally only gets to ask the state if the state is overreaching. Legal advantage goes to the state. I got active in supporting the right to keep and bear arms in the only way I felt my talents allowed, and I try to use it in a way that will hopefully wake anyone else up to just who and what you're dealing with.

I don't care about what kind of gun owner you are or will be after next year as it pertains to "assault weapons", but the state does. Whether you do not comply at all, or find liberty in the law to keep your guns unregistered, or register your guns as assault weapons, everyone has to make the choice they can live with. My personal opinion: all guns should be able to be bought and sold like kitchen knives, baseball bats, and hammers at garage sales, and the only laws that ought to exist or be enforced relating to guns is severely punishing those who use them to take or threaten the life, liberty, or property of another. Obviously that's not the case. What I choose to do after next year should be my business and mine only. However, every gun owner needs to go into next year with a full understanding of the position they're publicly claiming to take, and the ramifications thereof.

The problem I'm seeing is that too many of us don't seem to care who else knows our business or what our plans are. I'm just as guilty of this, so don't think I sit here on my high horse judging what others have divulged online. Being a hypocrite means I can tell you the mistakes I've learned from.

This isn't 2000 anymore. If you didn't comply last time, nobody else knew. But in the age of social media, every forum and group is a one-stop shop for self incriminating evidence and a history of criminal intent. I read it when you post "I WILL NOT COMPLY" or "MOLON LABE" or "FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS", and because I can, so can the state. I browse the same forums and the same Facebook groups you do... and so does the state. Just as the state learned of our work arounds to add to their regulations by reading what we write, they can find out who will not be complying.

For my own amusement, over the course of just one day I decided to keep a log of the names and cities of everyone I saw publicly stating their intentions. Once you know someone's name and city, it isn't too hard to figure everything else out.

That's right, just as easily as I made the Tyrant Registry, I was able to make a Registry of Non Compliers. I have the names, addresses, and phone numbers of gun owners who publicly made it their intent to commit felonies.

Then I put each name into the search box of their favorite Facebook group, and there for me to see was everything they've ever posted.

I'm not trying to be a dick, it just comes naturally; I'm trying to wake you up. You may decide to not play the game, but they will. So don't tell the enemy of your intent in a war in which they get to make and enforce the rules. Unless you want the state to know your intent and you're prepared to take up arms against them or your local police or sheriffs departments, or you have a trusted group of patriots or an organized local militia that you can count on to come to your rescue (and who can count on you to come to any other member's rescue), you might not want to publicly advertise to the enemy your intent. And maybe now is a good time for likeminded non compliers to organize.

Do you know who Daniel Crowninshield is? He used to be a member of our favorite forum under the screen name "Dr-Death", who was arrested and is now serving a prison sentence for his own form of public non compliance. Quick raise of hands of everyone who came to his defense or even benefited from his services to help protect him from the local, state, and federal authorities.

Just so you know, nobody has to worry about me having made this list; I'm your friend, and nothing can ever be done with it now because it's already been deleted. What you have to worry about is that the state can do this too. I encourage you to search yourself the way I may have searched you and see what the state can see.

I'm not telling you to comply or not. I'm not telling you to stop open debate and communication. Just, be tactful. Your enemy is watching.

Your level of compliance needs to be your business only, and don't feel too bad about it. Unless you have an unserialized, unregistered, and unknown full auto suppressed SBR that you ordered online from out of state shipped to your door... first, can I come over and play? Ammo's on me.

But really, unless you do, you're complying in one way or another. My hat's off to you if you're not; in the political climate of California and the rest of the "land of the free", the only people exercising and enjoying liberty are criminals.


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