CA Dems flip-flopping reasoning on CCW laws

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CA Dems flip-flopping reasoning on CCW laws

Wendy Wheatcroft of San Diego Moms Demand Action thanked the two Assembly Members for their strong leadership in protecting CA families, and also stated, “we will end gun violence!”

All the way back on January 9, 2018 in a Public Safety Committee, Democrat California Assembly Members voted no on a bill that would have changed California’s discriminatory policy of “may issue” of CCW permits (meaning the County Sheriff can deny you a permit while giving one to somebody else for the same reasons) to “shall issue” (meaning anyone who applies and passes the requirements won’t be denied).

Their reasoning for denying equal rights and equal application of the law: since current California CCW permit holders are so safe and had committed zero crimes in 2017, the “right” laws must already be in place, and things should stay the way they are.

Among those select Democrats who voted to kill that bill in committee was Assembly Member Lorena Gonzalez-Fletcher.

Fast forward just a few weeks later, Gonzalez-Fletcher, along with Democrat Assembly Member Todd Gloria, has now introduced a new bill, AB2103, claiming that without it, CCW permit holders would be, and currently are, a danger to public safety.

The summary of the bill states, in part:

Under existing law, the required course of training for an applicant must be no more than 16 hours and must cover firearm safety and laws regarding the permissible use of a firearm. This bill would require that the course of training be at least 8 but not more than 16 hours. The bill would require the course of training to include instruction on firearm handling and shooting technique and to also include a demonstration by the applicant of shooting proficiency and safe handling of each firearm the applicant will be licensed to carry and to include live-fire exercises conducted on a firing range. Gonzalez-Fletcher said, “We require people have training before they can drive a car. We should do the same for people who want to carry a lethal weapon in public.”

“Under current law in California, a person who has never even fired a gun or received proper training on how to safely handle one can receive a permit and carry a loaded firearm in public,” Assembly Member Todd Gloria said. “This jeopardizes public safety and has to be addressed.”

Gloria went on to say that his bill contains, “common sense regulations to ensure these weapons don’t end up in the wrong hands.”

San Diego City Attorney Mara Elliot stated this was, “needed gun safety legislation”.

Wendy Wheatcroft of San Diego Moms Demand Action thanked the two Assembly Members for their strong leadership in protecting CA families, and also stated, “we will end gun violence!”

Here’s the thing...

I know liberty is virtually a dead concept in California; I’m not blind to that fact. People here think that because there is no law requiring you to do what they think you should be doing that there needs to be one. I do not subscribe to that line of thinking. With liberty comes responsibility, and if you criminally or negligently hurt someone else, you should be held accountable. If I choose to carry a gun for protection of myself and my family with or without government permission, that decision and responsibility should rest solely on me. I don’t need the government to require me to do anything. And it’s not like people intent on acting criminally, who carry anyway, care how many hours of mandated live fire training they have.

But liberty, sadly, is not even the point here. Even in our state’s “may issue” status of County Sheriffs arbitrarily allowing or mainly denying the right to self defense outside the home, they already require live fire training to obtain a CCW permit. And anybody who does apply for a permit already knows how to shoot their gun anyway because that’s the kind of people who apply for permits.

What is the point, then, of this legislation?

Is it that they just need to feel like they’re “doing something”, that they’re just one more mandate away from utopia, that they found one way in which they didn’t have total control of one aspect of gun ownership within the state?

Honestly, for me, it’s the hypocrisy... how they had first falsely claimed that CCW permit holders in “shall issue” states are committing all kinds of crimes while those lucky enough to get one in CA have committed zero to justify denying everyone else their rights, now turn right around and say our current process is dangerous and a puts the public at risk in order to pass more of their laws.

They claim this is “needed” legislation, why? That it will help end “gun violence”, how? That we “jeopardize public safety”, when? That it will keep guns out of the “wrong hands”, whose? The same people who have committed zero crimes? The same people who have all already gone through range requirements?

I’m sure in a couple years after this legislation is signed into law, another gun control proponent will come along and say, “People who want to carry a hidden loaded gun into crowded places are only required to have 8 hours of gun training, which puts lives at risk. My new common sense gun safety measure will increase public safety and save lives by requiring an additional ### hours of training.”

I shouldn’t give them any ideas...


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