Boogaloo, you’re doing it wrong

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Boogaloo, you’re doing it wrong

You want to really be a counter revolutionary? Follow these simple points in no particular order for a true, hopefully successful and righteous boogaloo.

I’ve said it before: if you’re finally fed up with all the bullshit and you run outside screaming “LIBERTY OR DEATH”, dual wielding, wearing a chest rig, and nobody else is... it’s not time yet, and you’re on your own. And you’ll be dead pretty quick.

Brian obviously did not take this advice. The only thing he was lacking was the dual wield, but he made up for it with his broken sling, weak body armor, and untied snow boots.
If you want to boogaloo, you have to do it one of the tried and true ways.
You can always blow up a powerful country’s naval vessel, blame it on the U.S., and have them do the dirty work for you. Just don’t get caught, that would be embarrassing.
Or you can find yourself some globalist money lenders to finance your war who will either pay you billions to raise an army to overthrow the U.S., or who will promise to get another powerful country into your war to back you up by pulling their puppet strings in the leadership positions in that country (give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes it's laws, amiright?). They can even, say, arrange to have a passenger ship that also just happens to be packed full of munitions being sent to you from that country to be blown up by the U.S. to rile up that country’s people behind your war, but in return you’ll have to promise that after the war is over you’ll give the globalist money lenders’ people a piece of U.S. territory that’s mostly unimportant to you but not to the current inhabitants... say Puerto Rico. I’m sure there won’t be any issues for the next hundred years after the inhabitants are driven off the land.
Though since the globalist money lenders already obtained a homeland for their people this way, and since they already turned your homeland, the U.S., into nothing more than their global economic zone that’s heavily indebted to them, the chances of you getting any kind of help to overthrow this cushy gig is not very likely. And you don’t want their kind of help anyway, too many strings attached.
So since that won’t work, let’s turn our attention to the often overlooked prefatory clause of the Second Amendment, shall we: 
“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State...”
This is where Brian and other boogahideen get it wrong. You can’t do this shit alone. The prefatory clause is a guide, because while you have a right to keep and bear arms, a well regulated militia is necessary to the security of a free State. You need to have a large group of those you consider “your people” who are well armed, well trained, well disciplined, and well organized to be able to overthrow tyranny.
Do you have a large group of tight knit people who are well armed, trained, disciplined, and organized? Like, hundreds or thousands strong?
You want to really be a counter revolutionary? Follow these simple points in no particular order for a true, hopefully successful and righteous boogaloo. Will you fall short of some or all these? Probably, and that’s ok. But the point is to have an ideal or goals to try to live up to. While you might question why some of these points are included, they’re nevertheless foundational and the antithesis of everything those you’re rebelling against have used to or have done to subverted, corrupt, pervert, demoralize, destabilize, control, separate, and isolate you and your people.
1) Get married, make babies
Men - find yourself a modest woman of your same culture, nationality, religion, beliefs, and/or ethnicity (so there’s less shit that divides you) who wants to have children, marry her, have 3 or more children starting when she’s in her early 20s, and provide for and guide your family. 
Women: find yourself a stable, secure, and decent man who wants those same things. If you want to go to college and/or work to earn for the family, great - do it after you have and raise your kids. You only have a few optimal years for this when you’re young, make it your first priority.
2) Be debt free
Get out of debt, stay out of debt, never get into debt. And I mean zero debt. No home loans, no car loans, no student loans, no business loans, and close all your credit cards. If you’re a debtor, if you owe - you are owned. You’re working to pay the beast for the ability to surround yourself with things that you don’t actually own, plus interest. You don’t own your house, your car, your higher education, your business, or your labor if you owe. And that’s the whole point of why debt exists, from an individual’s debt to government debt - to be owned by the lender.
Parents, whatever you have to do to get and keep yourselves and your children out of mortgage debt, do it. Provide your children with a home, even if they have to live with you until they’re 30. Despite the current culture against this, there’s nothing wrong with a family staying together and providing for each other. Keeping the family close, intact, and interdependent is a positive thing. Expect things from your children the way they’ve expected things from you. They earn for the family, just like you. They help pay off the house if there’s still a mortgage, then you all help buy the house next door when they get married, and you as grandparents can help with the grandkids to offset any need for outside childcare. Think about it, do you really want your children and their new families starting off a life of perpetual debt servitude?
Want a car? Ride a bike until you can buy it outright.
Want to go to college? If you or your family can’t afford it without unsecured student loan debt, don’t go to college. Or go to a cheaper college. Go to a trade school. Get a scholarship. Do anything but get a student loan to go to college. Though, why you’d pay money to have Marxism pushed on you from every class down to Interior Design 101 is beyond me. The only reason it costs as much as it does anyway is because of the loose access to debt capital. Stop feeding it.
Need money to start a business? Get an investor. You’ve seen Shark Tank by now. Lenders are cutting off capital to any business that doesn’t toe the leftist line, so don’t allow your business to be beholden to them.
Credit cards? Fuck credit cards. Shred their applications and mail it back to them in their prepaid envelopes.
3) Turn that shit off.
Cancel your cable, Netflix, Hulu, everything. Smash that video game system so neither you nor anyone else can play it again. Deactivate your social media accounts. Don’t go to the movies nor rent them when they come out. Turn off all pop culture music, I don’t care what genre. Delete the songs from your phone, use your old CDs for target practice. Stop giving your time, money, and attention to the purveyors of distraction and degeneracy who hate you.
Now, replace that by being alone with your thoughts when you’re “not doing anything” like driving, standing in line, walking, eating, or simply being in the company of strangers. Remember how to think and how to be present.
Take specific time to read a lot of books; not for entertainment, but ones you can learn something from. And read everything, and I mean everything, from things that back up your beliefs, to things you think you’ll hate, to the historically consequential - The Federalist Papers, Common Sense, The Communist Manifesto, Mein Kampf, The Decline of the West, Rules for Radicals, The Kalergi Plan, The Strange Death of Europe, Camp of the Saints, The Bell Curve, Human Accomplishment, The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit, Plato’s Republic, The Wealth of Nations, The Bible. Everything.
Feel like you need to watch something? Watch independent documentaries about things the media doesn’t cover, or historical events either not discussed or that you’ve only heard from one side your whole life. You need history lessons that aren’t from textbooks or Hollywood movies, because if that’s your case you know less about history than if you never learned anything at all.
Desire to learn more. Get a well rounded education from many sources. You can know your own views better and those of your friends and enemies when you seek to understand their perspectives. Thomas Jefferson had a copy of and read the Quran (you know, the one Keith Ellison famously swore on) to get into the minds of the Muslim Barbarossa pirates to defeat them. Be like TJ.
And, take the money you used to waste on mindless entertainment and pay someone to teach you and/or your children how to play piano or violin. 
Strengthen your mind.
4) Get off your ass. Don’t eat crap.
There, that was easy, wasn't it? But seriously, you can’t boogaloo if you’re unfit. Strengthen your body.
5) Learn how to build firearms.
Buying guns is great. Building them is better, because it requires you to learn how they work. And lucky for you, this entire business sells gun parts, click around. There’s plenty of tutorials online about building. Added bonus, they can never ban your knowledge.
6) Learn how to use firearms in a group setting.
This goes back to the whole prefatory clause. You need to know how to operate as a unit. Take classes on the tactical use of firearms. Or better still, since we’ve been in a perpetual state of war for two decades or so, there’s plenty of people out there who have been trained in this sort of thing. Find common cause with them, or if you have this training, you have a marketable skill. Consider teaching others. Go meet up in the woods or desert so you can really get to know how your weapon works rather than from a “one shot every three seconds” range bench. Bring friends and make friends. Become well armed, trained, disciplined, and organized.
7) Go do other things with these people who you share a common heritage, beliefs, interests, etc. These are your people. Celebrate your people’s cultural festivals and observe the special days in the way they were intended. Teach your children and your brethren why you celebrate and observe.
8) Get into your churches.
9) Get into your school boards and PTAs.
10) Get into your city councils and local offices.
Do these things, then you’ll have something to fight for. Your boogihad will be the long march back through all the political, educational, societal, and cultural institutions they’ve subverted. But while we simply allowed it to happen to us without much of a fight, they will viciously and violently defend their gains.
And then, at least at that point, you’ll be ready to boogaloo with your people to back you up.


  1. Rob Rob

    We would be stronger as a country if we learn to get along with others, accept that others will be of different races, religions, etc. And women are not 2nd class citizens. It seems like you WANT a war within the United States. But this will weaken us.

    Much of what you said is great for making yourself a better person. Strengthen your mind, your body, your soul. Stop allowing others to own you through debt. But remember kindness, humility and helping those who need it as well.

    United we stand, divided we fall.

  2. Rob Rob

    We would be stronger as a country if we learn to get along with others, accept that others will be of different races, religions, etc. And women are not 2nd class citizens. It seems like you WANT a war within the United States. But this will weaken us.

    Much of what you said is great for making yourself a better person. Strengthen your mind, your body, your soul. Stop allowing others to own you through debt. But remember kindness, humility and helping those who need it as well.

    United we stand, divided we fall.

  3. Steve Powers Steve Powers

    You are speaking truth my friend. I appreciate the courage it takes to share your thoughts, being articulate isn’t always easy. I’m not a follower, I think for myself, but your words are inspiring. I have always taken to heart your view of self-education and thoughtfulness required to be a “leader” amongst my peers, co-workers, friends, and family, but I intend to recommit myself to pushing the boundaries of what makes me comfortable and challenge myself to endure ideas that which I am intolerant of. We gain a great understanding of ourselves when understand others.

  4. The Palmer The Palmer

    Hey Watts. Sounds like you know of the weirding way. If someone were to follow a path like you outlined then he could not be overcome and would overcome all. The very earth itself rises up against his enemies and no evil can so much as speak his name. Men like this have returned to the world. They walk among us.

  5. Watts Watts

    I would only agree with your point #3, and I would posit that educating yourself on a broad range of ideas should disabuse you to the more inciting and misleading among them. That is to say, digest wisdom that awakens you from the misguided views and, indeed, propaganda that is being presented here in this blog. The Dao De Ching is a good start, as well as the works of Alan Watts.

    Increase your mindfulness, yes, indeed. Be mindful of everything, especially that which arises within you. Watch those things. Watch emotions come into being, persist for some time, and fade away. Indeed read the works Mr. "Write Winger" suggests -- and watch what arises in yourself as you do. But don't be satisfied with simply observing what blooms within you -- be curious about the roots of the things that arise. If you read the Communist Manifesto, and it enrages you, where is that rage coming from? Why is it that others may read it without such a reaction?

    We are all conditioned by our upbringing, and tend to perpetuate what we've grown comfortable with. Over time, we make agreements with ourselves about how to operate in the world. Given more time, we find many of those agreements in conflict with each other, resulting in various forms of suffering within us -- anxiety, fear, fight-or-flight, senses of self-righteousness, etc. These are all clues to be investigated, with courage. You think trying to change the nation is challenging? Try the real battle: try to change yourself.

    Whatsoever presents itself in your field of awareness, welcome the awareness of it. Do you want to understand yourself? Do you want to understand others? Or do you just want to be as you are, blindly, and exert your will on the world? One way eliminates your enemies; the latter expands them. What is your real goal?

    Compassion and understanding, letting go of your own preconceptions, and treating with the present world in you and outside you requires true courage, and results in lasting change.

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