After Las Vegas, it's time for common sense

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After Las Vegas, it's time for common sense

Hopefully, the threat of being heavily fined, incarcerated, or killed by government with guns will keep us safe from non-compliant gun owners. This is common sense gun safety.

After the tragic mass shooting in Las Vegas in which one man with an assault rifle was able to kill 58 people and wound over 500, nobody can deny that it's finally time to enact common sense gun safety measures throughout the country.

One such common sense measure is to revoke the loophole that allows civilians to own machine guns. Machine guns have been heavily regulated since 1934, and since 1986 they've been effectively banned. But there are still 175,977 registered and transferable (meaning they can be bought and sold) machine guns in America, and closing this loophole would remove these from circulation.

We know who owns them and where they live, because owners had to go through extensive background checks, and all legal machine guns are registered with the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record, in which those tasked with maintaining the NFRTR are known for their impeccable record keeping.

Closing this loophole won't be easy, but once done it'll go something like this. Letters will to go out to these registered owners notifying them that they're required to surrender their weapons to law enforcement by a specified date. Once this date has passed, they'll be in possession of an illegal machine gun that carries a penalty of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. Warrants will be issued for their arrest.

Since it is known by law enforcement that they are in possession of an illegal machine gun and are a wanted criminal, they should be considered armed and extremely dangerous. Owners of such weapons are also likely the "molon labe" types; the "come and take it", "give me liberty or give me death", "from my cold dead hands" types. Only a government agency with machine guns should attempt to relinquish these criminals of their illegal weapons. If their intent is to keep their illegal machine guns or die, then the government will have no choice but to kill them with machine guns.

Yes, only the oppressive boot of tyranny can solve our gun crisis problem by using machine guns to kill people with machine guns to keep people from using machine guns to kill people.

Once all known registered and transferable machine guns are removed from circulation, then the post-86 machine guns, of which there are about 300,000 made with special permission and licenses, will have to be turned over to government agents with machine guns. This shouldn't be an issue.

Now, to further the calls for common sense gun safety measures, we must look to the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals. In their Kolbe decision, they stated assault weapons are not protected by the Second Amendment. Because the late justice Antonin Scalia stated in the landmark Heller decision that "M16 rifles and the like" don't have Second Amendment protections, the 4th Circuit stated that assault weapons are "like" machine guns as they look like them, have the same features, fire the same rounds, and the rate of fire isn't much different. So with this interpretation, all assault weapons should be background checked and registered, and then the loophole allowing registered owners to keep assault weapons should be closed as well. The same oppressive response should be taken to remove these weapons of mass destruction from circulation, finally ridding America of gun violence.

Liberty, especially when it comes to guns, is a dangerous loophole that must be closed, and registered assault rifle owners who don't comply will have to be killed with more powerful weapons by our government in order for people to not be killed in the future.

Hopefully, the threat of being heavily fined, incarcerated, or killed by government with guns will keep us safe from non-compliant gun owners. This is common sense gun safety.


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