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Firearms Unknown
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ISBN: 978-1-955882-04-0

This is the third installment of the Three Pigs Learn About Gun Control series. This topic is serious. In this book the wolf arrives at sheep city and finds that their schools are completely undefended or when they are defended, it is by cowards.

The lessons in this book are:

1. People who are intent on murdering other people don't much care if you have a sign up saying not to murder other people, they already know its illegal.

2. Children should be protected with greater vigor than politicians. 

3. Being nice is not always the nicest thing to do.

4. Those who are charged with protecting schools should have a legal duty to protect the children under their care.

In Return of the Wolf, our characters learn (or in this case, don't learn) these simple truths the hard way.

Disclaimer:   Warning! The content in this book contains premises and themes that may be offensive to some.  


As always you can listen to the entire book being read on our YouTube channel:


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