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This LR-308 Carbine Buffer Assembly is 100% Made in the USA by Blitzkrieg Tactical. When you are out at the range, your buffer and spring should be the last thing on your mind. Blitzkrieg Tactical assures the very best with this product.

Blitzkrieg Tactical
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Product description

This Assembly Contains:

  • Mil-Spec 6 Position Carbine Buffer Tube.Hard Anodized, Mil-8625, Type III, Class II
  • Mil-Spec LR-308 buffer spring with Black oxide coated chrome silica spring steel
  • Mil-Spec Anodized Carbine Buffer
  • Mil-Spec High Quality End Plate
  • Mil-Spec Machined (Not Cast), HARDENED, Castle Nut

Proudly Made in the USA

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