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Product description

This upper is our brain child and is ideal for use with the LR308 Dual Ejector BCG. This upper is made from a solid brick of billet 6061 aluminum this upper is not made from an extrusion like many of the other uppers on the market.

With the DPMS high profile top rail, this upper allows the user to get more elevation out of his/her scope, and thus shoot longer distances. Additionally, this upper has M4 type feed ramps which mate up perfectly to the barrel extensions we use on our barrels.

Furthermore, the upper has a standard 3 o'clock positioned forward assist which engages in proper forward assist serrations on .308 BCG's. Thus, the forward assist on this upper is fully functional and functions properly. We recommend using our Dual Ejector BCG with this upper.

This upper has the forward assist and dust cover assembly installed on it.

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