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Product description

The .308 Bolt Carrier Group can be used with most uppers on the market as it has the serrations for a 3 o'clock style forward assist and a pronounced shoulder for the DPMS style forward assist.

Aside from there being two primary platforms in the industry for .308 AR type rifles, there are also many proprietary platforms in the industry. While there are several different platforms out there, most of them use an upper which has either a DPMS type forward assist or an AR-15 type forward assist in the 3 o'clock position.

The DPMS forward assist is further forward then what is on an AR-15. The DPMS forward assist usually only bites on the shoulder of the carrier if the BCG gets hung up. The 3 o'clock forward assist has the same position of the AR-15 forward assist and requires serrations to be on the BCG for proper engagement.

The .308 BCG can be used with most uppers on the market as it has the serrations for a 3 o'clock style forward assist and a pronounced shoulder for the DPMS style forward assist.

Why pay more, when you can have a high quality BCG for an un-matched price? If you have been working on building an LR308 and have been waiting for a quality, yet well priced BCG, we have what you need.

The bolt has dual ejectors (standard BCG's have one ejector). Additionally, under the extractor we have installed outer and inner springs and two crane O-rings. All of these features provide for more reliable, superior and unprecedented extraction.

DUAL EJECTOR: "Two is one, one is none", a motto to live by. With this BCG we added a second ejector in the bolt. Building this redundancy allows our BCG to eject and extract efficiently and consistently. This is truly a remarkable and uncommon feature offered in bolt carrier groups.

The carrier has a large and pronounced shoulder for positive interface with the DPMS style forward assist. Additionally, the carrier has serrations in the 3 o'clock position down the side (similar to 5.56 serrations) so that the carrier will properly interface with uppers that have forward assists in the 3 o'clock position.

No MIM parts are used in this BCG.


Carrier: Case hardened 8620 steel, with dual forward assist serrations.

Finish: Black Nitride - QPQ Treated

Gas Key: 4130 steel, attached with grade 8 hardware and properly staked

Cam Pin: Hardened 4340 Steel

Firing Pin: Made from 8740 steel, center-less ground and hard chrome coated

Bolt: Case hardened 9310 steel, all bolt parts are case hardened and shot peened with two ejectors and two crane O-rings and dual extractor springs installed.

Black Nitride/QPQ: This is an extreme case hardening process which turns the steel black and hardens the surface of the steel and extends the life of the product. QPQ stands for Quench Polish Quench. This process is now commonly used in the industry. Our Black Nitride products are coated by H&M who own the trademark, "Black Nitride".


27-01-2021 17:40
This is a follow up from my previous evaluation, occasional failure to go into battery on the first round from the magazine. After working with some snap caps and an additional 20 rounds fired, I am happy to report no more failure to go into battery issues. I suspected this would be the case after some additional break in. Beautiful BCG. Finish is excellent and the specs are impressive. Great product.
Wookie Wook
12-03-2020 07:47
I purchased mine from Firearms Unknown in National City, San Diego back in 2016. I have fired a little more than 2100 .308 rounds with this BCG in my AR rifle without any issues. The nitride finish helps keep it running smooth and is really easy to clean. The dual ejectors are nice to have and my case ejections have been highly consistent. I'm definitely going to buy another one of these once I start my 6.5CM AR rifle project. Oh, the bolt headspaced nicely with the 308 barrel I used.
5 stars based on 2 reviews

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