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For over 25 years Walker's has developed innovative solutions for hearing protection & enhancement. The Walker's line of products are widely considered the industry standard for shooting protection and safety. This headphone offers passive (non-electronic) hearing protection with Bluetooth connectivity to mobile devices with clear digital sound. If you enjoy listening to music, or just want to talk on the phone while shooting, there is no better answer than these for the price point.

The Walkers Passive Muffs with Bluetooth has been produced to function as the best solution to make sure your ears have got adequate coverage. A proficient hearing protection system is an excellent resource to have on the job site or shooting range. Getting a high end ear muff hasn't ever been simpler. These Protective Ear Muffs from Walkers are made with the sturdy and reputable components you've come to anticipate out of this extraordinary supplier. For a very long time, Walkers has been producing top of the range hearing safety, and this product is the outcome of their persistence for being sure that you use some of the best goods that the ear muff business can offer. If you are looking for the best method to be sure that your ear drums are safe from injury, get yourself a pair of these earmuffs.


  • Passive hearing protection (Normal sound dampening, no electronic sound dampening).
  • Bluetooth connectivity with mobile devices

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