Swamp Fox Optics, Liberty Micro Reflex Sight 1x22 Red Dot 3 MOA

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2nd generation Swampfox Optics open reflex sight optimized for concealed carry and every day use. Featuring tough 7075 aluminum construction, Shake ‘N Wake Illumination, improved battery life, and a more compact profile, this optic is ready for real world

Swamp Fox Optics
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Product description

22mm wide window makes Liberty about the same width as a double-stack Glock 9mm slide. Liberty is a bit easier to conceal than its bigger brother Justice.

Motion sensing illumination tech helps to save battery life. After about four minutes without sensing any motion, illumination will shut off. Even the smallest tap or tilt will wake it up to the previous brightness setting.​​ constructed from 7075 aluminum and feature a stainless steel top mounted battery cover accessed via T10 torx wrench. No need to re-zero when swapping batteries.​ The ruby red lens is fully multicoated with anti-fog, anti-scratch, and hydrophobic coatings, resulting in great daylight bright performance without an annoyingly dark blue tint.


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