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The Independence Mount is a cantilever 30mm ring mount for rifle scopes using the AR-15 or other Modern Sporting Rifle platforms.

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Product description

The Independence Mount works best for flat-top rifles assembled with a 1913 MIL-STD Picatinny or Weaver rail, placing the centerline of the scope 1.5" above the receiver. The parapet (cantilever offset between rail mount and rings) allows for your scope to be mounted in a forward position, maximizing both your head position and eye relief on AR style platforms. It is tough and sturdy, built to lock your scope down and eradicate any movement or wobble between both the mount and the rail, and the mount and the rings. Independence Mount works perfectly to mate Arrowhead, Tomahawk, Patriot, or Kentucky Long series optics to AR-15s or other rifles with straight-line stock ergonomics.

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