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Mission First Tactical MFT React Flashlight/ Vertical Grip Combo

Mission First Tactical
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Product description

A combination of compact textured vertical grip and illumination mount. Designed for use with a .75", .825", or 1" diameter rear activated or wired switch flashlight/laser. Provides a positive grip surface and allows the support hand to apply rearward pressure keeping the weapon shouldered, yielding better muzzle control and accuracy.

● Combination vertical grip and illumination mount
● Accommodates 3/4" - .825" - 1" diameter light/laser
● Lock-out switch prevents unintentional activation of light source
● Grooved gripping surfaces to eliminate hand slippage
● Pressure pad wells allow light activation for RH Operators
● Thumb activation switch for wireless light activation
● Secure watertight storage compartment
● Battery Sled with quick access tab diminishes rattle
● Flat non-slip bottom surface aids in supported firing positions

Weight: 7.4oz

Height: 4.727"

Width: 1.573"

Length: 4.833"

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