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Firearms Unknown
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Product description

After some squabbles at the FU office about coffee cup stains on the table, we decided to create our own FU coasters. Sure we could have just purchased some, but that wouldn't be nearly as cool... We couldn't agree on whose design was best, so we did what any reasonable people would do. We made 12 different ones.

We are releasing them to the public for you to own them yourself! Each coaster has it's own unique design for you to thoroughly enjoy setting your mug or cup onto. It's double-sided so if one side gets ruined, the other side will still look absolutely immaculate with stellar perfection.

All big words and expectations for a drink coaster. But hey, you're on FirearmsUnknown.com. You know to expect anything but monotony. Since you got this far, why not buy a coaster and bask in the glory of FU coaster ownership? Not only will your table be happy, but we would also greatly appreciate your support.

Alternatively, you can be a badass and collect all 12 coaster designs. Every coaster purchased equals one dislike on a leftist meme page.

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