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The popular Weapon Shield grease in a 10ml jar is small and compact. At about the size of a container of lip balm, this jar fits easily in your pocket and makes for easy transportation to and from the range. The jar itself has about the circumference of a

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Product description

  • Provide maximum protection against wear and extreme pressure
  • Adhere to metal exhibiting top performance in roll stability
  • Provide constant lubrication to all areas
  • Offer the maximum in friction reduction
  • Resist water washout

WEAPON SHIELD, the ultimate lubricant, cleaner and preservative, has been aggressively designed and formulated for the Shooting Sports Industry, Military and Law Enforcement. WEAPON SHIELD cleans, removes lead, lubricates, guards against extreme pressure and wear, and protects from corrosion better than any other product to date. This distinquishes WEAPON SHIELD as the ultimate tool in the total care and maintenance of all firearms and weapon systems.

Extensive testing and evaluation has proven WEAPON SHIELD improves bore accuracy due to its Advanced Boundary Film (ABF) Technology, which reduces coefficients of friction between the bullet and bore surfaces assisting in the ballistic movement of the bullet and improving bullet flight.


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