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Product description

  • M-LOK® & KEYMOD™ Medium length PICATINNY (7 Slot) accessory rail, mounts onto M-LOK® & KEYMOD™ Spec. handguards.
  • Short rail covers 2½ M-LOK® slots or 5 KEYMOD™ slots. Mounts with two custom designed T-nut screws that are M-LOK® & KEYMOD™ compatible.
  • Bottom of the accessory rail has custom machined lugs to lock the accessory rail from moving forward or aft on the M-LOK® & KEYMOD™ slots.
  • Tapered profile PICATINNY rail ends for a more comfortable hold when used as a hand stop.
  • Perfect for mounting accessories with Weaver/ Picatinny mounts like vertical grips, flashlights, and lasers to your M-LOK® & KEYMOD™ handguards.
  • Black Anodized Aluminum Construction

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