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Complete US made AR-15 lower parts kit at an unbelievable price.

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Product description

This 100% made in the United States of America AR15 parts kit comes with all of the parts required to assemble your lower receiver except for the buffer tube assembly and stock.

This kit features an all investment cast trigger group, so you don't have to worry about a MiMed hammer breaking on you. 

All the little details are hit, including an Allen Screw instead of the standard flathead, so its easier to install the grip; and fully polished trigger and hammer connection points.

Pro Tip: To upgrade this parts kit for an AR10, Purchase our LR308 upgrade kit:

308 upgrade kit

House LR308 Upgrade Kit


List of Included Parts:

  1. Front Pivot Pin
  2. Takedown Detent
  3. Rear Takedown Pin (2)
  4. Detent Takedown Spring (2)
  5. Mag Catch
  6. Mag Catch Button
  7. Mag Catch Spring
  8. 1/4-28 x 1" SHCS
  9. Washer
  10. Trigger Spring
  11. Hammer Spring
  12. Disconnector Spring
  13. Bolt Catch Plunger
  14. Bolt Catch Spring
  15. Bolt Catch Spring Pin
  16. Bolt Catch
  17. Hammer & Trigger Pin (2)
  18. Trigger Guard Pivot Spring Pin
  19. Selector Detent
  20. Selector Spring
  21. Buffer Detent
  22. Buffer Retainer Spring
  23. Disconnector
  24. Safety Selector
  25. Trigger Guard
  26. Trigger
  27. Hammer
  28. Pistol Grip                                               


Joseph Bishop
14-03-2021 20:52
Pleasantly surprised that this was actually in stock and shipped out the day after I ordered it.
28-02-2020 02:15
Just installed and tested. Great crisp break on trigger. Really love tight fit,tolerances are wonderful. I strongly recommend for your first build.
29-12-2019 23:41
Made really well not gritty smooth for 29 and fast shipping can't be beat getm while u can
Jason Séamus Downs
24-12-2019 20:46
These LPKs are top notch. Installed 2 so far in my Aero builds and they have shot flawlessly. 1200 rounds on one , 750 on the other. Bout a 6 lb trigger pull. Smooth, not gritty .
14-12-2019 21:28
Ordered 3 of these and they arrived quick. Got a couple freebies as well which was unexpected and I love. The best one is the pocket copy of The Constitution of the United States!
12-12-2019 10:08
This kit was perfect for me. No issues with installation and everything was nicely organized. Definitely fantastic for the price.
Jason Schwab
22-09-2019 07:17
First, let me say that I hate, hate, HATE having to leave such a low-star review of this product. I mean, I want to love it, I really do because this is an unbeatable price for a LPK. However, I have issues with the trigger group that was sent. I noticed that it was ground smooth (a plus there), and damn near polished, but the problem is apparent once I reassembled the trigger group and did a test fire. The trigger drags and grates SO much that it feels like I have a two-stage trigger installed, instead of a regular one. This is fine if I'm slow-pulling the trigger but when I attempt to fast pull, it is not smooth at all and I can feel it dragging before it breaks. I don't know if I got a bad one out of the batch or what, but unless this is intended as a two-stage trigger in the first place, this is unacceptable.

Look, that said, this is a great LPK for the price, and it might just be issues on my end with getting a bad part or two, it happens. If you're in the market for a cheap LPK, this can't be beat, just beware that you might get a funky trigger like I did.

Response from Firearms Unknown:
Please send in a support ticket and we can replace the part you are having trouble with. Sorry for the issues there.
21-08-2019 13:29
You deafly can’t beat it for the price I got one and I am purchasing another one well worth the $29 like some other reviewer’s said it’s just as good as the more expensive one Thank you
Ryan Partin
18-07-2019 20:53
**The following review was emailed in on 7/18 and was posted here by FU staff on the customer's behalf**
Thank you so much for the rapid fulfillment & shipping of my order! Excellent work! I was surprised to receive my items so quickly. Also, thank you so very much for the included mini book titled ‘The Constitution Of The United States’. It’s been a while since I’ve read up to refresh my memory of what our constitutional rights actually are. I plan to sit down tonight and read through this handy free inclusion you’ve so graciously provided with my order. Thank you. If you would like to send me links to your online social media or review websites, I’d be very pleased to leave you multiple positive reviews. Great pricing, super fast fulfillment & shipping, and a very patriotic & useful free inclusion with my order... simply superb! Keep up the outstanding work guys! Feel free to utilize my above comments for marketing purposes if you’d like. You have my full permission to include my name along with my comments as well.
17-07-2019 02:03
decent kit for the price
12-07-2019 23:05
This parts kit is the parts kit to end all other parts kits. The only problem with this kit is that I feel stupid for buying so many other ones in the past. I’m putting this in a poverty pony lower but I feel like in order to do it justice it belongs in something a lot more Gucci. Buy with confidence, real deal here.
Adam H
12-07-2019 00:05
I just wanted one of their receipt so I stopped by and bought an LPK. Receipt is great, LPK is ok too.
05-07-2019 21:09
Checked these out in National City just now. Every bit as good as kits I paid more than twice this much for, I bought 3 of them. The only thing I didn’t like is the packaging, it’s just a ziplock style bag with other little bags in it. I’d have liked something sturdier because I’m going to store these for a while before I end up using them. But for this price it’s not that big of a deal.
05-07-2019 00:06
Took a chance on these, the price is too tempting not to. They accepted BCH
04-07-2019 01:49
Got lucky and picked one of these up in the Oside store the second they went on sale. Got it home and compared to another kit I bought for 60+ bucks at Pstate. Side by side, this is hands down a better kit. I’m coming back on Friday to buy 5 more of these.
4.75 stars based on 15 reviews

Product specifications

Country of Manufacture: The United States of America
Lifetime Warranty: Yes
100% Cast Parts: Yes
Hammer and Trigger Interfaces: Polished

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