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Is it your dream to live in a world where happily married polygamist pan-transexuals can defend their coca fields and child-labor work force with tactical nuclear missiles? Do you like To have a good time? Have you always wanted your own recreational nuke

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Delivery time:
This item should be ready to ship within 10 years or so, maybe more, we dont know, from the date of purchase

Product description

Every order will include:

Radio Controlled Electronic Detonator (Explosive charge not included)

Custom Made Beryllium Pusher

Pre-made compartmentalized locking space for Fast and Slow explosive lenses.

Pre-made and ready to fill, color coded inner shell polymer core assembly for easy installation of included compounds:
Yellow - Lithium-6 Deuteride Tritide 
Green - Plutonium-239 (shipped separately in its own box)
Red - Uranium-235 (shipped separately in its own box)
Black- Uranium-238 (shipped separately in its own box)
Blue - Graphite

Uranium Blast Heat Shield

HoneyComb Fiberboard Support structure

Titanium Cones

D-T Neutron Beam Generator

Pre-made color coded Secondary Cell for easy installation of included compounds and componants: 
Yellow - Lithium-6 Deutride 
Green - Plutonium-239 Sparker
Red- Uranium

Polystyrene Foam and Pentane Gas (Not pre impregnated)

Beryllium Reflector Linings

Preinstalled electronic control circuitry for control of Yield, Arming, Fuse, and Gas reservoir.

Exterior Casing with Electrical Raceway preinstalled and individually tested.

(9 volt batteries are not included and must be purchased separately - 6 required )

Please allow 1-5 years for delivery.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. (KIM, PLEASE STOP CALLING US)


21-03-2020 20:05
Finally, I can point recreational McNukes at anyone who dares to enter Ancapistan.
Lying Dog-Faced Pony Soldier
02-03-2020 22:48
*First, I am an uncompensated customer reviewing this product through a VPN, DPN, Allium-Browser, with NSA/KGB level encryption from the middle of a rat-hole somewhere in a sandy desert*
Would give 7 stars, but system only goes up to 5 stars, so oh well.
Just wanted to give a shout out to y'all in the customer service department and everyone on the production team! I will always happily buy USA made fissile material, but was initially reluctant to purchase the rest of the nuclear proliferation matériel if it is made in the USA.
I truly was taken aback when I found IT IS COMPLETELY IMMACULATE!
The only other equipment with this level of excellent craftsmanship comes from France, like what they sold to Iran. If you go for air delivery, this hardware will look absolutely sexy in the bomb bay of any bomber, I myself chose a Tu-160 (separate shoutout to my Комяадёꙅ at the Гла́вное управле́ние Генера́льного шта́ба Вооружённых Сил Росси́йской Федера́ции who hooked me up with the block VIa zero-hour rebuild bomber).
Luckily Firearms Unknown sells the McNuke online and in person with just a sworn statement that Hillary Clinton says I am a nice guy and wouldn’t ever do bad things, I only wish they would sell this at a knife & gun show so the nuclear proliferation matériel sales show loophole would kick in.
My only regret is that I bought this when Biden announced his campaign for the Presidency...if I waited a few more years the price might drop since his push for control control will only effect the total number of bullets in each shell of the clips in a tubular banana clip (or whatever he is currently saying).
19-02-2020 00:24
Love the Solid State trigger mechanism. The digital ones tend to create negligent discharge. Good work,
Tracking said the package was temporarily lost in the Goldsboro, NC area for a while, but FU was happy to re-ship no questions asked.
This thing is a blast!
Michael Medinger
29-01-2020 01:37
The titanium cone was a bit cross threaded about two-thirds down, and this made assembly a bit of a pain. I could have called FU for a replacement part, but oh well. Still good for home defense; three stars.
Duncan Richards
25-12-2019 23:16
I couldn't believe it!!! I bought a nuke online!!! I just managed to take over a third world country with the mere threat of launch. This is the most fun I've had since my "Teddy Switchblade" as a kid...
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