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Is it your dream to live in a world where happily married polygamist pan-transexuals can defend their coca fields and child-labor workforce with tactical nuclear missiles? Do you like To have a good time? Have you always wanted your own recreational nuke?

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Delivery time:
This item should be ready to ship within 10 years or so, maybe more, we dont know, from the date of purchase

Product description

Every order will include:

Radio Controlled Electronic Detonator (Explosive charge not included)

Custom Made Beryllium Pusher

Pre-made compartmentalized locking space for Fast and Slow explosive lenses.

Pre-made and ready to fill, color coded inner shell polymer core assembly for easy installation of included compounds:
Yellow - Lithium-6 Deuteride Tritide 
Green - Plutonium-239 (shipped separately in its own box)
Red - Uranium-235 (shipped separately in its own box)
Black- Uranium-238 (shipped separately in its own box)
Blue - Graphite

Uranium Blast Heat Shield

HoneyComb Fiberboard Support structure

Titanium Cones

D-T Neutron Beam Generator

Pre-made color coded Secondary Cell for easy installation of included compounds and componants: 
Yellow - Lithium-6 Deutride 
Green - Plutonium-239 Sparker
Red- Uranium

Polystyrene Foam and Pentane Gas (Not pre impregnated)

Beryllium Reflector Linings

Preinstalled electronic control circuitry for control of Yield, Arming, Fuse, and Gas reservoir.

Exterior Casing with Electrical Raceway preinstalled and individually tested.

(9 volt batteries are not included and must be purchased separately - 6 required)

Please allow 1-5 years for delivery.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. (KIM, PLEASE STOP CALLING US)


Seks Tiryakisi
23-10-2022 10:39
I blew up my apartment with it, and it was funny ngl
Rusty Shackleford
22-09-2022 10:59
Great product and the lead times were cut down to two weeks. After assembly (only needs common hand tools) I've realized my testicles grew a solid 4 inches in diameter IDK might be the radiation though. The boys love to marvel over it in the garage while it sits next to my 87 Camaro. The HOA Karen will never bitch about the tomatos growing on my front lawn again after whipping this bad boy out The only downside is I can't seem to find reloading components for it anywhere. 5/5 will definitely buy again!
Just a Happy lil Capitalist
25-01-2022 21:06
Beautiful device from FU, every time the neighborhood Karen knocks on my door in an attempt to instate an HOA I just flash the detonated and she goes running. Annoying mormons? Just flash the detonator! Annoying Ex wife demanding alimony? You guessed it! Just the mere presence of this device has increased my penis size by 6 inches (however I think it may be because of the radiation sadly). Sadly had to use it when my neighbors were mowing their lawn and a blade of grass fell on my driveway, A-10 was in the shop so I was forced to resort to more “desperate” measures to protect my property. Thankfully I won’t be receiving anymore noise complaints from my neighborhood as there’s no more neighborhood left, or city for that matter. Only giving it 4 stars though because apparently I’m now on some “FBI watchlist” and there are federal agents outside my underground doomsday bunker now
24-11-2021 17:21
Everything came exactly as described, with the exception of the PU 239, it was at the end of its half-life and wasn't putting out nearly enough energy to spark. After a few angry entitled emails to FU I got my replacement. Easy assembly, and my buddy Dan likes it
17-10-2021 06:15
Finally a doom weapon to strike fear in my enemies. Remember round is not scary, pointy is scary! Don't be an idiot like nuclear nadal. Last thing I need is people laughing at a giant robot dildo coming their way.
Some Random Mercenary Group
07-10-2021 17:36
Great for landing zones, really softens up a hot area before we need to insert. Costs money but saves a few of our guys lives out on the field.
Ligma CAt
15-09-2021 04:21
Old man burt go up in fucking flames and boom boom cloud when I press little red button that came out my ass. Very good to kill the pesky pussy cat next door.
ARis WhIteyyy
15-09-2021 04:10
I thought that the wait was unnecessarily long, but it was worth it when I devastated my neighbours existence and his pesky ferret. The outrageous fools stepped on my lawn and I needed PAYBACK. This was perfect. Somehow the ferret survived though….also helped relandscape most of the south part of Adelaide.
15-09-2021 04:08
This goes kaboom when I press the red button, is good bought to defend house form cat. Cat is gone now so is the city thank you!
Ur mum
15-09-2021 04:08
It go boom when old man step on lawn
Usman al-Yousef
17-07-2021 20:54
Mashalllah! Blessed are the creators of this tactical nuclear weapon! This product worked perfectly and effectively in Afghanistan and, soon enough, will work great in the filthy Jewish land of Israel. The infidels and kafirs shall all be engulfed in fire, in the name of Allah, supreme lord of the universe. May the creators of this product gain entry into Janat al-Firdous and be blessed with 72 virgin women.
Turk McGhurkin
27-06-2021 21:39
Purchased this because I'm having problems with my unruly neighbors. On reflection, this probably wasn't the best answer considering the fairly massive blast radius. I did however assemble mine in my garage with common hand tools.
08-12-2020 22:54
Perfect for the ultimate beta uprising
Kim Jong Un
08-12-2020 22:48
The product worked as advertised, although I'm disappointed that they're out of stock right now, as I'd like to order more as quickly as possible.
Jack McNasty
19-10-2020 23:43
Keeps the local robbers away, safe enough for the kids to play with and eventually become nuclear engineers. Of course they have developed cancer from the excess radiation, but at least none of them have to worry about child support....ever.
The Manhattan project
18-10-2020 16:09
So... I have bought 5 of them and they are just fun to brag about not only that but its warming feeling is very good to use as a heater
05-10-2020 08:38
a lot more effective than helicopters, but not re-usable
Minarchist Nilai
04-09-2020 14:30
The Mc Nuke did exactly what it advertised it would. Quite happy with the product. I was able to conquer Pyongyang from Burger King with it. Thanks McNuke!
27-08-2020 20:16
Possibly one of the more expensive options on the market out there, however ever since I got a McNuke I've been the talk of the town, at least until that damn Brownell family tried to blow snow onto my front lawn, now there isn't much of a town left.

Thanks, McNuke!
05-08-2020 08:09
Honestly the reason for the single star score was due to lack of child protection safeties - we bought this initially as a birthday party prop as my son who just turned 9 had seen Dr Strangelove. Of course we had our party out in the country well away from anyone, but naturally as kids are, they have to push buttons. As we were headed to the party (fortunately about 44 miles away, we didn't want to risk it too close to home and my uncle owns a some land) my son was playing with the detonator and managed to somehow enter the sequence we put in. And poof, mini mushroom cloud in the distance...

However if it had not been for the lack of child protection measures, I'd rate this a solid 4. It showed up in a timely manner, nothing missing, operated as it said it would. I wouldn't give it a full 5 because I never give a full 5/5 on my reviews. Thanks
Pladamir Vutin
05-08-2020 00:24
Приличный, но я видел лучше. Для моих друзей на юге, это будет работать для ваших нужд.
Dewayne Elizondo Camacho
04-08-2020 23:45
Took care of those tough stains with ease. Removed years of built up grease. As an added bonus, it eliminated the need for follow up maintenance. Thanks, McNuke!
13-07-2020 23:42
Let me be clear; this is not the absolute BEST home defense weapon, but it is more than capable of protecting your home(land). For the TLDR customers, I would recommend purchasing.

To start, the 2 McNuke's I ordered arrived just over 2 years, which I initially believed to be an unreasonable amount of time, but realized just how reasonable it was when the FFL I chose gave me a call saying that the delivery process was relatively painless as it only required a semi and a rented crane. When I arrived, the McNuke was packaged in a large wooden crate, inside of its own personal insulated lead-lined crate. The container itself was extremely high quality and the unpacking process was the most satisfying I have ever experienced, even more so than an iPhone.

The McNuke itself is made of very high-quality materials. The main shell is made from high grade 7075 aluminum, and the warhead is constructed using a high grade 4170 steel, which was cold-forged. Now, there are no fins like those you might see on a nuclear bomb dropped from an airplane, instead, it is a reasonably small package that can be placed as a mine of sorts in the yard. Now, there are attachment options for fins so that you could drop it from a larger plane (will need something larger than a Cessna 172). The weight of the package is decently light, at around 500lbs, largely due to the materials used.

As far as actual uses, I have only been able to test one out, and the results were astounding. To be perfectly clear, I did not use it in my own household, I tested it about 50 miles outside of the city I live in. The test subjects were some of the local cartels that we had run into out at the testing range. When the McNuke was triggered, it almost immediately exploded and instantly eliminated the threat. I was using a Geiger counter to measure the radiation released from the explosion which was very modest, given the high yield of the warhead.

As a final note, the McNuke is a perfectly reasonable self-defense weapon, albeit from a range not usually available in the modern home. The quality is excellent, and the packaging perfect. If you can afford the high initial cost, this is a perfect tool for combating against a foreign military or local criminals. 5 stars for the Recreational McNuke.
07-07-2020 06:50
Works great on my margarita mixer!
31-05-2020 03:01
posadism achieved take that capitalists
25-05-2020 22:06
Finally "Safe and effective" nuclear deterrents. I was able to let my shipment sit for 72 hours (in front of my house) to rid any surface contamination of COVID 19. A little alcohol spritz did the trick. I do not want to be responsible for furthering the spread of a virus when I deliver my nuke to its final destination.
20-05-2020 23:11
solved the neighborhood cat problem as well as the annoying neighbors. in fact it worked so great that the nearby counties have no noise complaints or people.
Nicholas Meyler
23-04-2020 21:36
Lower explosive yield than advertised, however, good enough for home defense.
21-03-2020 20:05
Finally, I can point recreational McNukes at anyone who dares to enter Ancapistan.
Lying Dog-Faced Pony Soldier
02-03-2020 22:48
*First, I am an uncompensated customer reviewing this product through a VPN, DPN, Allium-Browser, with NSA/KGB level encryption from the middle of a rat-hole somewhere in a sandy desert*
Would give 7 stars, but system only goes up to 5 stars, so oh well.
Just wanted to give a shout out to y'all in the customer service department and everyone on the production team! I will always happily buy USA made fissile material, but was initially reluctant to purchase the rest of the nuclear proliferation matériel if it is made in the USA.
I truly was taken aback when I found IT IS COMPLETELY IMMACULATE!
The only other equipment with this level of excellent craftsmanship comes from France, like what they sold to Iran. If you go for air delivery, this hardware will look absolutely sexy in the bomb bay of any bomber, I myself chose a Tu-160 (separate shoutout to my Комяадёꙅ at the Гла́вное управле́ние Генера́льного шта́ба Вооружённых Сил Росси́йской Федера́ции who hooked me up with the block VIa zero-hour rebuild bomber).
Luckily Firearms Unknown sells the McNuke online and in person with just a sworn statement that Hillary Clinton says I am a nice guy and wouldn’t ever do bad things, I only wish they would sell this at a knife & gun show so the nuclear proliferation matériel sales show loophole would kick in.
My only regret is that I bought this when Biden announced his campaign for the Presidency...if I waited a few more years the price might drop since his push for control control will only effect the total number of bullets in each shell of the clips in a tubular banana clip (or whatever he is currently saying).
19-02-2020 00:24
Love the Solid State trigger mechanism. The digital ones tend to create negligent discharge. Good work,
Tracking said the package was temporarily lost in the Goldsboro, NC area for a while, but FU was happy to re-ship no questions asked.
This thing is a blast!
Michael Medinger
29-01-2020 01:37
The titanium cone was a bit cross threaded about two-thirds down, and this made assembly a bit of a pain. I could have called FU for a replacement part, but oh well. Still good for home defense; three stars.
Duncan Richards
25-12-2019 23:16
I couldn't believe it!!! I bought a nuke online!!! I just managed to take over a third world country with the mere threat of launch. This is the most fun I've had since my "Teddy Switchblade" as a kid...
21-12-2019 04:39
Great product to defend my meth labs from poor people and the gubmint
David Sherwood
18-12-2019 06:17
Wow..... This product is amazing.... I never thought I would be able to to find happiness here in Kalifornia..... But now that I have my own nuke..... Happy days are just around the bend....
Richard Lahan
18-12-2019 02:30
Let's play "Global Thermonuclear War"!
Richard Lahan
18-12-2019 02:28
Let's play "Global Thermonuclear War "!
29-11-2019 05:29
Best way to warm up the homeless population of California this winter. Cant wait to spread some Christmas cheer with all of those filthy degenerates. Christmas has truly cum eay this year! Thanks guys cant wait to deploy my McNuke and bring in the new year!
Thugs McWaistHuggs
28-11-2019 21:53
I needed something for land scraping and vermin control in California. Perfect!
28-11-2019 19:15
Can l forward it?
Fuck off commie
28-11-2019 18:04
Before I bought my own nuke getting rid of the competition was difficult. It required soldiers, guns, and supplies but now with the tactical mcnuke all it takes is a phone call and a few words before my competitors get the fuck out of my way. Can’t wait until some idiot finally decides to test me so I can use it.
16-11-2019 01:19
And to think how much time I wasted with dirty bombs!!!!
28-10-2019 16:17
i need a few for a school project
14-10-2019 00:10
The up front cost seems prohibitive, but I can promise that if you're an up and coming future Overlord, this kind of firepower is worth it.
26-09-2019 22:22
I'm so happy that this is CA compliant!!
Augusto Pinochet
26-09-2019 00:52
Just what I needed to dispose of my entire supply of unwanted communists without wasting massive amounts of aviation fuel and putting additional wear & tear on my helicopters. I'll be stocking up on these in case I need to restart my commie-disposal program.
Albert Oppenheimer
23-09-2019 05:22
Bought this for the family cause why not? They all had a blast with it, but I was mildly disappointed. It wasn't re-usable after the first time. So 4 stars!
Damien Harbin
04-09-2019 18:05
My kid wanted to be a better receiver for his football team, so I got him a McNuke to play with. Now, catching footballs is a breeze with his 8 arms. College scholarship guaranteed. Definitely 5 stars!
03-09-2019 07:54
great for the kids to play with
24-08-2019 08:52
5 Stars! A great way to kickstart any revolution of the people from the comfort of your living room!
22-08-2019 08:09
Just what we needed to prevent Trump's third term. It was cheaper to buy here because of the trade war.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
18-07-2019 13:12
I ordered one of these for the House mwahahaha
13-07-2019 02:58
Let's have some fun
Jim "stay off my lawn" Hampton
29-06-2019 23:07
Excellent product, but I was wondering if you had any silo construction contractors you could reccomended for the job. Or if anyone knows of any decommissioned silos I can borrow for a quick launch this weekend. Thanks in advance!
tester mctesterson
22-06-2019 22:43
Nice product, I have an extra nipple now.
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