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Real Avid, Star Chamber, Cleaning Pads, Fits AR15, Wool Pads, 20 Per Pack, Precision Cut Removes Carbon after Brushing Wool Pads 20 Per Package

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Are you a regular at the gun range who loves the feeling of sending rounds down range to destroy a target? If so, your rifle probably gets a lot of build up that needs to be cleaned and cleaned hard. Let's talk about the star chamber. That awkward shaped little carbon magnet of a crevice that takes time to clean correctly after every explosive therapy session. I bet you've gotten angry with it. I bet you've sunk to your knees, and screamed at the Gods in anger because the shape of that chamber felt impossible to clean! You're a busy person. You don't have time to sit there and pick and brush each tiny little spot out of there. Your show is on, people need you, your drink is getting warm, and you need your rifle clean! If only there was a product that was shaped specifically to get in there, get it clean and let you get back to your life!

Guess what? There is, and it can be yours. Check out these star chamber shaped cleaning pads from Real Avid! They come twenty to a pack and they will save your time, eyesight and sanity. Just stick one on the end of a rod and run em' until they come out clean. Easy day! You're welcome.   

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