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OEM Channel Liner Compatible with all Glocks*.

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Product description

*Not Necessary or Compatible with the Glock 42 or 43.

 Prevents metal on metal contact between the striker (firing pin) and the slide. The channel liner is generally rendered unusable after being removed from the slide, making this an essential spare part for Glock owners. 

Installation and removal procedures: 

The Glock Firing Pin Channel Liner prevents metal-on-metal contact between the striker (firing pin) and the slide. Due to it's tight fit within the slide, this small plastic part may need to be replaced occasionally because of excessive wear, heat or if the slide is to be refinished, and unfortunately it is generally rendered unusable after being removed from the slide. 

It is simple to replace and to remove the original. First you will need a 5/16 coarse thread lag bolt to remove the damaged channel liner. Insert the bolt into the firing pin channel until the threads contact the insides of the channel liner; twist the bolt a few turns to bite the treads of the screw into the liner. You may need a small vise or other clamp to get a good hold of the end of the bolt, and then pull slowly until you take out the old liner. 

After you remove the original/damaged liner, take a look at the ends of the new Channel Liner. One end is slightly tapered, and the other is cut straight across. Insert the tapered end in first and press into the channel. You may feel some resistance, or it may move easy into place. 


To move it into final position you will need a 5/16 size wooden dowel, or similar sized punch. Tap the dowel gently to move the channel liner into place. You will feel when the liner hits bottom (front portion of the channel) and is in place. Remove the dowel and insert the striker/firing pin assembly. Then insert the Extractor Depressor Plunger assembly and replace the back Slide Cover Plate. 

Remember this Firing Pin Channel Liner is a plastic part and may be easily broken or damaged if mishandled during replacement or custom work

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