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Reduces separation of upper & lower receivers when pivoted about the front takedown pin Comes with Cross Armory PIN PAL PIN PAL is made from 4140 Ordnance Steel with melonite hard coat FLOP STOP cures the common symptoms of the Limp Barrel Syndrome or

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Product description

Typical compliance reloads involve separating the upper receiver from the lower receiver.  When the receivers are opened, the weight of the barrel causes the upper receiver to fall forward, pinching fingers and creating an unstable and dangerous weapon.  With Cross Armory’s FLOP STOP, the upper receiver and barrel are held open by the Flop Stop, allowing for faster and safer reloads.  When paired with Cross Armory SAFE MAG and QUICK PINS, you can reload with a flick of the wrist…literally.

Cross Armory’s FLOP STOP holds the upper receiver of you AR-15 in the open position, allowing for faster, more convenient reloads.

Cross Armory’s Flop Stop is designed to work in harmony with other Cross Armory AR compliance products, but is not limited to Cross Armory products.  

Cross Armory respects your right to choose what products you equip your AR with, so the FLOP STOP is designed to work with ALL other compliance products as well.  So if you bought a modified aftermarket fixed magazine locking device of any kind, FLOP STOP is compatible and will help make your AR function better.

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