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In-Stock at our YUMA RETAIL location. This rifle can be purchased in-store or online.

Cadex Defence
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Product description

This rifle is made by Cadex Defence. 

Cadex is known for their high-end sniper rifles used by military's around the world.  This rifle is their .308win iteration of their hunting rifle.  If you want a top-quality hunting rifle in .308 look no further, you have found it!

This rifle is currently in stock and located at our Yuma retail location.  If you wish to purchase this rifle, it can be purchased in-store or online.   

If you wish to purchase it online, please send an email to: [email protected]


Model: CDX-R7 SA SPTR (308 WIN, 24" barrel)
Color: HOD
Top Rail: 0 MOA
Mag Type: DSSF 3.055"
Trigger: DX2R7
Bolt Knob: D
Magazine: MAG100-0041
Barrel Type: Bartlein
Twist Rate: 1 - 10"
Thread Pitch: 5/8" - 24
OAL: 45.3" (Doesn't Fold)
Muzzle Break: Included

Product specifications

California Compliant: YES
Barrel Length: 24"
Safety: Standard
Caliber: 308
Action: Bolt
Sights: None
Condition: New

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