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Product description

This is a 4" circular gong target.  It is made from 3/8" AR500 Steel.  

This plate does not come with a target stand, this is a replacement gong that is great for an existing target stand you already have or if you make your own stands.   

The gong only being 4" in circumference it is a harder target to hit especially at longer ranges. 



Always use appropriate eye and ear protection for both shooters and spectators.
Do not shoot this target closer than 25 yards for handguns and no closer than 100 yards for rifle.   For ammunition that exceeds 3000 feet per second use at a distance of 200 yards or further. 
Always secure and maintain a safe backstop, never shoot this target with BB or pellet guns.  Always use and observe all gun safety range range rules.
Never use armor piecing, green tip, steel core, or shotgun slug ammunition to shoot this target. 
Always wash hands after shooting and handling targets. Never shoot plate targets that are perpendicular to the shooter. 
Always keep firearms, targets and ammunition out of reach of children.  
Proposition 65 Warning for California Customers: Use of this product may cause exposure to lead and other chemicals known to cause cancer and reproductive harm. 



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