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The Surefire 6PX Pro Flashlight blasts out a 600-lumen beam from its high-efficiency LED bulb, giving you a tactical light that's virtually immune to failure. These compact Flashlights from SureFire have no filament to burn out or break, and deliver 2 levels of light output. Simply click tailcap switch of the Surefire 6PX Pro Compact LED Tactical Flashlight to toggle between operating modes. The first click gives you momentary-on low-light; the second click - constant on low-light, for a 15-lumen beam that lets you conserve your batteries. The third click - off. Click once more within two seconds, and the Surefire 6PX Pro goes to constant-on high power - giving you a brilliant, penetrating, perfectly pre-focused 600-lumen beam. A polycarbonate micro-textured reflector delivers a comparatively wider beam with generous peripheral light. The high-strength aerospace aluminum body is smoothly sculpted for a comfortable, secure grip and is hard anodized to military specifications - giving the Surefire 6PX Pro Dual-Output LED Flashlight extreme resistance to scratches, abrasion, and corrosion.

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