Milt Sparks Summer Special 2 G17/22. NT, 1.5

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Milt Sparks
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Introduced in 1992, the Summer Special 2 holster combines features of our original Summer Special and our Executives Companion holster. The SS-2 features rough-side out construction, full encased metal reinforced mouth, sewn-in sight rails, a protective shirt guard extension, hand detail molding and our interchangeable belt loop system as standard. The Summer Special 2 rides slightly lower than our standard Summer Special model and has a FBI style rake (straight drop upon request).

The SS-2 is highly recommended to those who prefer a more compact style holster like the Summer Special but desire a few more features in a holster. Because of its lower ride height and greater adaptability to more firearm models, the SS-2 is recommended for a larger variety of firearms vs. the Summer Special. We are always happy to offer any assistance in helping you make a decision on which holster may be right for your needs.

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