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Make Firearms Unknown Again Hat
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Make Firearms Unknown Again Hat

Make Firearms Unknown Again Hat

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One Size Fits All Make America Great (Firearms Unknown) Again Hat, 100% Polyester Made In China - just like the genuine Trump ones.

Firearms Unknown
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Product description

Together we can Make Firearms Unknown Again.

"This is the greatest hat that has probably ever existed. It's great. Everyone should have one. Great people. They love freedom and guns and freedoming with guns. I'm not sure. Maybe We will ban them later, like bump stocks, I don't know, it doesn't make sense, I will talk to the NRA about it. But for now, we like them, they are wonderful hats. 

They are made in China, I love the chinese, same people who make my hats. That's how I know they are the best hats. Wonderful people over there, they love me. Don't worry, I made lots of money on tariffs for the wall. Great tariffs, probably the greatest tariffs that have ever been. Much better than Obama's Tarrifs. Sad." -Donald J Trump (Probably)

Yes, this hat is only $0.01! Just pay shipping. Limited to (1) per customer.

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