LR308 Barrel, 20" Teflon Coated SS, .308, with 1:10 Twist

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Blitzkrieg Tactical
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416R Stainless Steel is the material considered to produce the most accurate and highest grade steel barrels anywhere, so it was the logical choice when making this premium grade 20” .308 Win barrel. Starting with a 1:10 twist 416R barrel blank, it is then precision machined with a mid-length gas system for optimal cycling. After final assembly the barrel receives a Black Oxide coating to act against corrosion and the elements giving you a barrel that will last you a long time.


Length: 20"
Material Type: 416R Stainless
Steel Muzzle Thread: 5/8x24
Twist: 1:10
Gas System: Mid Length
Coating: Black Oxide Treated
Chamber: .308Win (Will shoot .308Win or 7.62x51)

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