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AR15 Kali Key

Kali Key
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Product description

Lawful AR-15 ownership is at risk. The Kali Key is the fast, cost-effective solution: In minutes, convert any mil-spec, gas operated (does not work with piston systems), AR-15 into a straight-pull bolt-action rifle. No removal of the gas system, no milling, and no custom modifications are necessary. Simply replace the factory gas key and charging handle on any mil-spec bolt carrier group with the Kali Key, and your AR-15 will operate as a bolt-action rifle, no longer falling under the California definition of an “assault weapon.”* Drop in the Kali Key and stay Future Ready.  


Keep your AR-15 feature-full:

  • Pistol grips, forward vertical grips, flash hiders, and collapsible/folding stocks stay.*
  • Get rid of your bullet button or fixed magazine and get back to quick magazine changes.
  • Use your standard capacity magazines
  • Transport and import your rifle legally…

With the Kali Key you can do all this without requiring registration of your rifle as an assault weapon; without spending twice as much to go featureless; and without risking dangerous jams by locking in your magazine. *

The GEN II Kali-Key is more innovative than the first generation. It offers the shooter more flexibility in charging speeds by eliminating stiffening of the charging handle under extreme circumstances (high speed operation). 

The Gen2’s internals have been recently revised to be thinner and therefore more forgiving on rifles that are slightly out of mil-spec from the factory and perhaps a bit too heavily Cerakoted.

* All other federal and state regulations apply (i.e. minimum barrel length, minimum overall length).


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