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Product description

Designed to work with the majority of the 80% LR308 AR-10 lowers on the market, our multi-use jig is engineered to help you finish multiple lowers. Hardened steel drill bushings and top plates ensure long life for this jig giving you the ability to re-use it many times.

This jig is compatible will all of the 80% lowers we sell.

If you plan to make, or have made many lower receivers and your jig's top plates are wearing out, you can purchase new ones at the link below:

We recommend using our tooling kit with this jig.


AR-15/LR308 Jig Steel Top Plate Set

This jig is best for people who have a proper mill or high quality drill press. We include a "waffle" plate for the folks that are using the jig on a drill press.


We recommend using our tooling kit with this jig. You can find our steel tooling kit at the link below:

High Speed Steel Tooling Kit


**NOTE: Lower(s) are not included with the purchase of the jig.


This jig is made in the USA on US made machines.

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