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Product description

Designed to give you that extra level of protection against those evil bad guns that lurk the streets of our country targeting the innocent, especially the CHILDREN! Just think of the Children that can be saved by this 6.5" X 10.5" sticker! Magical incantations performed by a real witch doctor provide the protection needed for you and your family. When properly utilized this magical sticker has proven to keep those evil bad guns away because, well, its a magical sticker and signs are effective.


- Sticks to most all surfaces

- when applied to a backer material it makes a great yard sign to protect you and your family

- engineered and manufactured to both MilSpec and aerospace tolerances

- Is a sticker

- Magic and witch doctors and shit

- Did we say its a sticker?

- Not a single animal from Old MacDonalds farm was harmed in the making of this sticker

- Made in the USA (we import better witch doctors for above mentioned incantations)



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