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Get a Polymer80 frame and a Glock compatible Slide for an unbelievable price.

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Product description

Here's how it works, you select the model of firearm you are wanting to build, then buy the Glock Mystery Grab Bag and you will receive a P80 Frame and a Glock Compatible Slide for that model. The items that may appear in the bag are as follows:


1 of any of these:

T1, T2, or T3 Slide cerakoted in OD Green, Tungsten, FDE, Black, or Burnt Bronze

You can check out some of the possibilities here:

and 1 of any of these:

Polymer80 Frame in Black, FDE, OD Green, or Grey

If you want to check out our frames for sale you can see them here:




19-03-2020 14:09
Buy it! Built it in about 45 minutes. Use channel snips for the frame tabs saves lots of time with the dremel. I own a Sig p320 and my FIL has a factory Glock 17 and a Berreta. We went to the range and we are both a better shot with this 80% Glock than any of the other 9mm. This is the most accurate firearm in my safe
08-03-2020 11:50
Got this last year....2019..... built it... shot it.... glad I bought it.... It was a fun build, was stoked on the color... Grey lower.... Tungsten upper..... Black barrel..... Did need a little extra work on the lower, but not complaining.... and sure wasn't FUs fault..... Have over 250 rounds through it..... No issues.
07-01-2020 15:28
Picked one up to start another g19 build. Got really lucky with an odg p80 lower and an odg t3 slide. Shipping was fast and overall super happy about the great deal and awesome mystery bag i got.
24-12-2019 06:00
Just received in the mail..... GREAT turn around... Looking forward to building this soon. Thanks FU....
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