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This is an FFL item and can only be shipped to other FFL dealers.

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Product description

This is an FFL item and can only be shipped to other FFL dealers.
This FUCA lower was hatched under a FUCA tree in Oceanside, California.  The mother FUCA cared for this baby FUCA lower until this lower was able to stand out on its own.   
Ever vigilant, this lower fought and clawed its way to the top of the heap only to be assembled.
GOOD NEWS:  The mutation only affects baby FUCA if baby FUCA is in California.   Thus, if you wish to obtain one in a free state the mutations magically disappear and a Magpul MOE+ grip magically appears on the lower and the Strike stock stop vanishes.    
Make the wise decision, adopt a baby FUCA today, take it home, give it love and lots of ammo and it will grow into a prime candidate for all of your love and affection.  
This is the Mil Spec Version.

Parts List

M4 Stock
FUCA Lower
Strike Stock Stop
Blitz LPK
Blitz 6061 Buffer Tube Kit (Blue)
Billet trigger guard


Product specifications

Material: 7075 T6
Manufacture Process: Forged
Platform: AR15
Trigger Guard: Standard Open
Finish: Depends on Customer Selection
Magwell: Broached

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