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Firearms Unknown
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Product description

We're proud to announce we have our very own Firearms Unknown Hot Sauce. This is our Mix-ican Duo! 

MILD: Designed for the heavy-handed who prefer a higher salsa to food ratio, this sauce is the proper blend of tang and spice. This sauce may be mild, but maintains a smooth baseline of flavor that won't disappoint.

HOT: This intense Roller Coaster of heat and flavor makes you buckle up for the ride! Every drop leads to a head sweating, drink sipping, mouth watering experience that you can't decide if you want it to end... The Unique taste comes from the blend of bold flavors with the intention of testing your limits.


david rathsburn
14-02-2021 22:01
The mild is more of a medium, not a mild, which is actually good. The hot is more of a holy shit than a hot. They aren't messing around with that one, use it sparingly, especially if you are a white guy like me and are not properly acclimatized to being roommates with Satan. It has a good taste though.
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